Google Chrome is taking Passwords to the Next Level

Passwords are something that keeps our ids secure and our information safe at all times, no matter the site. They ensure our privacy and we rely on them for all sorts of information. However, with the development of technology and advancements, many things have changed in the past few years including passwords. Google is working on taking passwords to the next level by identifying its strength.

Google has been the first one to recognize many new features first but this feature is used by many developers through browser extensions.

However, Google is not exactly using the same technology. Google is building the password strengthening feature directly into the Chrome browser.

As tweeted by Leopeva64, Google will include a password strength indicator. This one feature will change the way you look at passwords.

Although, if you are wondering if this feature will show every time you log into your account, you are mistaken. This password strength indicator feature will only be visible while you are creating an account or updating your password.

This handy feature can help many people, who assume that their birthdays or nicknames are suitable for a password.

However, this doesn't end here. Google is trying to take things to the next level. Apart from incorporating password strength indicators into the system, Google is working on eliminating passwords permanently. Since everything is becoming more advanced, why not passwords? Google is looking into introducing passkeys that will use biometrics for all types of logins. We will surely know when Google is ready to announce pass keys, till then we will have to work with the password strength indicator, which isn't a bad feature itself.

The password strength indicator feature will be available on Lacrosse, Fuchsia, Linux, Mac, Windows as well as ChromeOS.

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