25% increase in people quitting their jobs after the pandemic

The pandemic had a major effect on people all over the world. One effect that we did not predict was people quitting their jobs. Maybe it is the uncertainty that life brings along, that we only realized after the pandemic, that people decided to leave where they’re not appreciated. But what is the real reason why people are quitting their jobs? A survey tells us exactly why.

People in the US are quitting their jobs at a 25% higher rate when compared to the time before the pandemic. The time assessed consisted of December 2019 to May 2022. This survey was conducted by McKinsey and Company. It was based in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the UK, and India and all of the countries showed similar results. The study consisted of 13,382 participants.

This had a major impact on the industry since it was struggling to keep up with all the quitting and filling the gaps that got left behind so rapidly. It was also seen that employees that left their positions did not return, not even to the same industry. The reasons behind were so strong that they left the industry altogether.

Among the reasons given by these participants, the top one was lack of any further development. Due to there being no scope for advancement, 41% of people chose to leave their positions altogether and try out somewhere where there is a chance of growth.

The second reason on the list was inadequate compensation leading to 36% of the people leaving their jobs. This might refer to the money being offered or even overworking and not getting the appreciation or the reward that they deserve.

The next on the list is uncaring and uninspiring leaders. This is the most important factor of all. Uncaring leaders are the worst. They bring out the worst in all employees, do not treat them right, and they expect them to give their best. Equal to uncaring leaders are uninspiring leaders. Leaders are supposed to lead and when there is no inspiration, there is no chance of growth. With the pandemic creating more self-awareness, it is evident why 34% of these people chose to quit their jobs.

This was followed by a lack of meaningful work. When anything like the pandemic can kill you tomorrow, why invest your time and effort in places where there is no meaning? This is why 31% of the workers decided to leave.

The list then goes on to include unsustainable work expectations, unreliable or unsupportive colleagues, lack of workplace flexibility, and lack of support for health and wellbeing. All of these are quite valid reasons for handing in resignation letters.

We hope the workplace environment improves as a result of this report and people end up loving where they work.

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