Instagram Head Forced To Reassure Users That New Changes In The App Are For The Better Amid Growing Protests

The world of social media loves to evolve and that’s why you’ll constantly be seeing platforms make changes. While some are greatly appreciated, others aren’t so much.

The perfect example is Instagram which has been caught in the middle of a series of fresh widespread protests where even top celebrities have become involved. Many are blasting the app to revert back to its normal self and stop copying TikTok.

There’s even a petition being signed as we speak with thousands of signatures. Things are certainly getting out of hand and that left the company’s head, Adam Mosseri with no choice but to take to his Twitter account and address the matter.

The Instagram boss was seen struggling while trying to make an impact with his audience. He began by addressing many people’s concerns related to the platforms’ many changes. In addition to that, he revealed some future plans that the app had in store as a way to reassure users that they’re only going to be getting the best.

The explanation was begun with a confirmation that changes are taking place and how he is well aware that many aren’t happy about it. These issues have come forward as the app tries to take on board more video-related content, rather than focusing on images.

Mosseri mentioned how the current changes were a part of a trial and how full-screen modes aren’t at their best. Therefore, before it gets rolled out for all users, it’s going to have to improve.

The Instagram boss was not at all shy about revealing which direction the app was moving toward and that includes how videos would be Instagram’s main focus. He also admitted that pictures were a signature trademark for Instagram that many love and cherish, not to mention the fact that it was the signature of the platform.

However, times are changing and the app needs to steer in the direction where user demand and interest happen to be and that’s video-based content.

Mosseri concluded by shedding some light on recommendations. This is where he says that the feature is far from perfect. However, if you happen to be getting them and aren’t liking them, there’s nothing to worry about.

Thankfully, the app is giving users some more ways through which they can skip the recommendations part as a whole. Therefore, nothing on the app is permanent. But as content creators, we still feel there are quite a few changes that need to be embraced.

Nevertheless, full credit to Instagram for listening to its users.

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