Instagram Takes Its Black Visionary Program To New Heights By Allocating $650k Grants

Instagram has launched the next stage of its Black Visionary Program and this came in the form of $650k funding grants for Black creators and startups.

The company says the new program that is affiliated with the Brooklyn Museum, will reportedly see a rise in Black talent. This includes content creators, artists, designers, and those in charge of small-scale firms too.

Instagram made the announcement recently where it shed light on how the past three years had brought forward some great partnerships with Black curator and writer Antwaun Sargent as well as the Brooklyn Museum. And that’s where the idea of the program was brought to life in an effort to uplift the talent seen across the Black industry.

Instagram says it’s more than keen to invest in so many Black organizations that are linked with the world of art and design.

In 2021, the program witnessed and hailed the talent of five Black artists that received grants in the form of $205,000 while this year’s program took a huge step in extending a helping hand to other members of the Black community.

Instagram vows to award 10 grants in association with the Brooklyn Museum. This project will also include 5 small-scale grants of $100,000 to Black organizations that specialize in designs.

Alongside that, the app hopes to give five more grants worth $30,000 to emerging black talent who specialize in art and design and can be found in the US.

We’ve seen how so many Black artists are not only talented but are also enriched with a different type of cultural impact that doesn’t usually get the recognition it deserves from social media platforms. Other than that, we’re seeing quite a few Black businesses get affected by the pandemic.

On average, around 41% of Black-owned entities had no choice but to shut early as they just couldn’t make ends meet during the adverse conditions of the pandemic. Meanwhile, only 17% of white-owned businesses were forced to do the same.

Recent research has also shed light on how you’ll find more black businesses take loans due to financial uncertainty when compared to their white counterparts.

These impacts are extended to various sectors across the board and that’s why it’s so great to see that companies do take such things into consideration while powering engagement across a certain app.

From a normal user’s perspective, Instagram is being hailed for being so logical and showing much compassion during testing times like these.

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