It’s Now A Criminal Offense To Make Secret Videos And Take Intimate Pictures Of People Without Consent

Gone are the days when users could get away with doing anything and everything. Now, a new law is taking center stage in the United Kingdom against those who find it ok to nonconsensually record and click pictures of others without clothing.

The move is going as far as calling it a criminal offense where those guilty of the crime could face prison sentences of up to three years as confirmed by the Law Commission.

These reforms are being looked upon as a new move to help provide protection against victims who get their images clicked and then sold off to the dark web or for other illegal purposes. And it’s shocking to learn that they’ve never been asked for consent.

Commonly, such wrong practices are given the labels upskirting and downblouse. Moreover, others have their faces glued to indecent images which again go viral without any type of publishing agreement.

But if you think the move is enough to make campaigners happy, well, you might need to think again. Activists are calling out for stronger reforms as they feel this just is not good enough. They also were recently seen mentioning how the Government would soon be regretting the decision to not take a harsher stance against such crimes.

A recent comment was made by a leading law professor who claimed such indecent actions could have deleterious consequences on the minds of those involved. He also spoke about how the repercussions of such moves could scar them forever and that’s why the incidents need to be taken more seriously.

On the other hand, he felt that such crimes were often dealt with casually and even if they were handled as legal offenses, the measures or policies in place just weren’t in line with today’s fast-paced world of technology. In addition to that, you could find plenty of loopholes in the legal system. And in end, those who should have been punished are able to get away so easily.

At the moment, any current law in place for taking nude or explicit images and sharing them is not consistent. Moreover, they don’t have the capability of going far ahead and covering those shocking behaviors that take place in today’s digital era.

But there does appear to be some sort of hope with the new legal framework that’s been receiving quite a bit of applause from critics as a much-needed mandate.

The new framework can be seen going beyond the law and harshly punishing those who wish to indulge in such crimes, no matter what their motivation could be.

Meanwhile, the new law is also being praised as it makes it so much easier to punish those accountable for such behavior. Let’s not forget about the tougher punishments that include imprisonment of three years for those conducting the worst form of abuse.

There is also a rising number of concerns by human rights activists regarding the porn industry, where many feel more needs to be done in terms of non-consensual indecent content arriving there. After all, it’s a part of society that is profiting through horrifying practices.


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