New Report Says 75% Of People Aren’t Happy With Their Smart Home Devices

If the famous movie from Disney called Smart House gave you nightmares during your childhood then we’ve got some interesting news for you because you might not be the only one out there.

A new survey is shedding light on how people feel about their homes, especially in terms of smart devices. Just a few weeks back, we saw Mortgage Cadence make some heads turn with a little survey where around 900 residents of the US took part.

The respondents of the survey were asked to share their thoughts about smart homes. On average, around 73% of those who took part mentioned how they were concerned about the smart devices in their homes tracking them and listening to them.

Facts and figures from the research provided that the top concern of most people had to do with their privacy being breached. At the same time, another leading concern was related to security. And then there were a few others who did express some major issues related to hacking and data tracking by firms as well.

On the other hand, it was interesting to note how about 65% of respondents felt their cameras had been hacked. 33% had problems related to Alexa Assistants. Some also had their reservations for locks.

But with the negative reviews did arise some positivity. Around 60% of those who responded made claims about how the smart devices in their homes have really altered their lives. This includes the added level of protection that their security systems and cameras are providing, making them feel safe at night while sleeping.

As far as statistics are concerned, a little less than half of those who responded said they wouldn’t want to go back to living in a world that had no smart technology. And that just goes to show how big of a role technology has played in so many of our lives that we’ve more or less become dependent on it.

Common examples include smart TVs, doorbells, lights, sound systems, security systems, and so on and so forth. It’s like living with an added source of convenience and comfort. But then there were 74% of respondents who couldn’t help but talk about how smart gadgets weren’t always needed.

You see, users were also questioned about how they felt about smart devices that they didn’t necessarily need. This included the presence of smart toasters, smart toilets, and even smart grills that they called a waste of space and money. A few did deem smart fridges and gym equipment to be unnecessary as well.

The concept of someone spying isn’t a fear that’s new and most people claim that they’ve either come to terms with it or have been left with simply no decision but to eliminate smart technology as a whole.

One respondent went as far as mentioning how he's got at least 14 different smart switches that control his home. And he couldn’t be happier at the sheer convenience it all provides in terms of handling his music, his room temperature, his lights, his theater system, and security.

Some respondents did speak about how they’ve become a tad bit too reliant on technology and hence even end up taking their smart gadgets with them while vacationing. Therefore, the dependence is a little too much.

Hence, smart home or scary home, the choice is yours on how you perceive the addition of modern-day technology and gadgets. Remember, the key we feel might be to stop yourself from going overboard. After all, the last thing you’d want is having an Alexa controlling your life.
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