Meta Users With VR Headsets Will No Longer Be Required To Log In With Facebook Accounts

Meta is truly in the futuristic state of mind and that’s why CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced another big push for the transition into the metaverse.

The company is allowing users with VR headsets to enter into their accounts without the need or hassle of logging into their Facebook accounts. And you might be surprised to learn how Zuckerberg revealed that the mega change also came into play thanks to user feedback.

Meta says the new and innovative way is designed to assist people with VR headsets and that means saying goodbye to Facebook credential-based logins. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the move is another step forward to separate the metaverse from the current social media app.

The news was announced by the Meta CEO himself on Thursday through a post and it is believed that the change will come into play as early as this August. He reiterated how convenient it will now be for Quest VR headset users to make the most of their new accounts. Similarly, he claims that they’ll now be able to witness the history of the app purchases too.

No matter what others may say, you can’t deny the fact that Meta receives all of its revenue from the company’s family of applications. But the CEO hopes this new push will bring to attention investors that there are still some who are more interested in the shift to the metaverse.

For Zuckerberg, the entire concept of the metaverse is a platform that entails a unique variety of virtual worlds. And to gain entry, you need VR and AR technology. Yes, today’s world is dominated by smartphones but soon, he feels, the shift will be so great that more and more people will want to move towards it.

For him, around a billion users will soon be on board and they’re going to be investing plenty of funds in the new few years. Unfortunately, the reality of today is quite different from what Zuckerberg has imagined.

Recently, Meta’s Reality Labs who is the one responsible for creating the magic behind the metaverse revealed a staggering $10 billion loss to have occurred last year.

At the same time, Meta is trying hard to reach a common ground with customers purchasing Quest VR headsets. Previously, the firm made such users log into their accounts on the app before they could use the device. Obviously, many didn’t like the concept and hence the idea was in the midst of a huge backlash, forcing Meta to think quickly.

Therefore, the firm revealed last October that would change its policy and course of action and now seems to be the right time to make the announcement for the change.

Now, Meta is publicly telling its fans and users that they’ve listened to all of their feedback and have made the Quest community happy with the new amendment. This includes the arrival of a new Horizon profile instead of the classic Oculus one from the past.

Users will get the chance to customize profiles with the help of digital avatars and more. Hence now, users will require both their Meta account as well as a Horizon profile to gain entry.

At the same time, users will no longer have any friends on the accounts as they're going to be replaced by followers. As you can tell, it's going to be more similar to Instagram.

The company also recently went public with a new array of tools that allows users to better control their privacy settings. Now, users would be able to select if they wish to have their profiles public or private.

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