Instagram Vows To Listen To Its Frustrated Users And Take A Step Back From Recommended Content And TikTok-Like Viewing Experiences

Instagram’s chief Adam Mosseri was recently caught speaking during an interview where he backtracked from his previous claims made about the platform.

Mosseri revealed during the discussion with interviewer Casey Newton (via Platformer) that the app would be taking a step back from its recommended content and that includes full-screen experiences. This means those who wished Instagram would stop copying TikTok can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

This is definitely a shocker for many in the tech world because two days back, Mosseri took to his account on social media to address the concerns of millions who signed a petition to make the app revert all of its changes.

Huge names in the world of celebrities joined the pact including the likes of Kylie Jenner. Many hoped their voices would be heard and Instagram would return back to being Instagram again.

There was an outcry to have a greater focus on images, the reversal of the famed chronological timelines, and the hope that creators would be given more focus and attention.

The main struggle that many were having is that AI-powered recommendations were interfering with their home feed and that means they were getting irritated with posts that they’ve never signed up for.

But Mosseri failed to deliver what users had hoped for, two days back. He did acknowledge the frustration, stating that it was a test but reiterated how the app’s main focus was on video content, whether we liked it or not. And just in case that wasn’t a huge disappointment, there was more.

Yesterday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was seen confirming how stats don’t lie and all the changes would be pulling through on Instagram and Facebook. He even addressed how recommended content would be doubled as usage trends painted that very picture.

Seeing the Instagram boss take a step back was definitely a shocker for many and we’re included. He stated how users were frustrated over the feed designs and that showed in the app’s user stats.

Hence, the time had come to take a huge step in the backward direction, rethink, and come back stronger with a better strategy that he hoped would work for everyone involved.

Mosseri looked particularly keen on revealing how the app’s full-screen feed would be removed completely in the next few weeks. He also feels there’s a huge error in the app’s AI recommendations and that they simply got things wrong. He claims that things are being relooked on how they can be improved for all.

Mosseri says that new interventions are designed to help people and make them want to fall in love with the innovation. But clearly, he realizes that it’s not happening here and the risks taken were miscalculated.

He hoped Instagram could pull it all back together, and enhance its rankings with recommendations for a better user experience.

So what that means is users can expect to see fewer recommended posts. But we won’t lie as the whole scenario is a little confusing, if we may add so.

On one end, you’ve got Mosseri who is taking a step back from the changes announced while on the other hand, you’ve got Zuckerberg who is saying they will double the changes that people aren’t loving.

Did Instagram really get it wrong and if yes, then are both these leaders butting heads, or perhaps they’re not on the same page?

We don’t know which statement actually holds more weight but seeing Mosseri’s recent statements have definitely brought about a huge sigh of relief, if we may add so.

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