Instagram Users Protest Against App’s New Approach For Content Sorting That’s Similar To TikTok

Instagram users are not happy with the way the app is making changes and they’re making sure their voices are heard.

Critics are calling the recent protest not a good sign for the platform whose new approach towards content sorting is more or less similar to TikTok.

A lot of users were seen putting up messages as a part of their stories, calling for a reversal of the change, that Instagram hoped would align with the mega success that is being witnessed by TikTok around the globe.

Celebs were also seen joining in the new push and that includes the likes of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, among many others who believe they’ve had enough of the copycat behavior.

This is not the first time that Meta is being called out for doing nothing but copying off the ideas of social media giant TikTok. Previously, we saw Meta’s CEO mention how it was going to do everything possible to build on its short video success of Reels, after taking inspiration from TikTok.

In response to that, TikTok mentioned that it had no plans of copying Meta, adding how every brand needed to have its own unique identity instead of gaining success through the thought-provoking process of others.

Zuckerberg had just recently flagged some notable changes in the app’s format which included user feeds. They would be a giant leap away from the usual home feed. Instead, it hoped to curate a special feed that was powered with AI technology and was customized based upon your social as well as your following details.

Even if that content had not been put up by your social circle or your follower, it would still be there, Zuckerberg added as a recommendation by AI.

Therefore, so many users’ Instagram feeds are now getting dominated by a series of posts that mostly consist of short videos or reels from accounts that you may have never come across. Therefore, it makes it so much harder for users to stay in touch with relevant content linked to those accounts that they’re actually following.

While the approach may be a mega success for apps like TikTok, it’s definitely not receiving a warm welcome from Instagram users who wish the platform reverted back to normal instead of piggybacking off of others.

The news has come forward with a petition where more than 150,000 signatures have already been collected for the app to get back on track as before.

This particular petition was brought forward by none other than a leading photographer and influencer named Tati Bruening. He says it’s high time the app went back to its norm of sharing images.

“Make Instagram, Instagram Again”- is now trending on the platform and those with millions of followers have joined the pact. And that’s why there’s more hope now because the app losing out on big customers can mean a huge disaster during already testing times for Meta.

Nobody is really in favor of a TikTok-themed app because if that was the case, they’d leave the platform and resort to TikTok altogether. What do you think?

We feel that Meta is not in the mood for comprising anything, especially when you’ve got tons of ad firms on the line who assist the brand with revenue generation.

Some analysts predict that this could be TikTok’s time to shine further as the change would drive more users to hop on board the TikTok bandwagon. And we don’t see that helping Instagram by any means.

For now, it’s definitely Instagram that’s facing immense pressure so we’ll be keeping our eyes open to how the app plans on combating this obstacle.

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