Instagram Is Adding In A Slew Of New Creator-Oriented Features To The Platform, Enhancing Monetization And Promotional Opportunities

Instagram is introducing a bunch of new features to the platform, having to do with ad enhancements, post scheduling, and a new method of monetizing posts.

Overall, all three of these features seem to be geared towards individual influencers and brands managing their income streams and online presence on Instagram. The platform’s proving to be continually lucrative for such ventures, with its relatively successful outreach to younger generations (relative, of course, to Facebook and Twitter, otherwise TikTok has this particular race in the bag). Naturally, the platform wants to capitalize on that further and has continually introduced a bunch of updates, features, and programs to bolster along the creator influx. For example, there was the introduction of branded stores to the platform, which allowed individual accounts to sell their personal branded merchandise via Instagram. There’s also the series of creator programs that Instagram did to promote Reels, paying creators mixed amounts of money for creating content using the new format. Instagram wants its creators and celebrities to stay comfy with the platform and rake in more of that sweet ad revenue.

The first feature we’re discussing is called ads enhancements, and before I delve right into all of this addition, I’ll credit serial social media leaker Alessandro Paluzzi for the findings. With that out of the way, let’s talk ad enhancements. These are new additions to Instagram via which the platform wants to help creators out with reaching audiences. Specifically, with certain groups, the platform will display the user or brand’s information along with recent images in the form of cards at the end of Stories ads. Furthermore, Instagram will also automatically crop ads and reposition captions to fit the recommended aspect ratio for Stories better. While the former seems like a useful feature, many users might balk at the latter: who wants AI to crop and reposition photos when they can do it themselves? At any rate, if the feature doesn’t pan out for certain users, they can always turn it off via Ad Preview settings.

The second feature on our list is Instagram granting users the ability to schedule posts directly via the application, which is an incredibly useful addition. Honestly, back in my days working as a social media handler for certain organizations, I used to hope and pray for scheduling to hit Instagram, even if it ultimately never did. Well, the platform wanted me outside of the social media game before introducing this feature; even now, it’s currently just being issued as a beta feature to certain business accounts. Alright Instagram, you win this time.

Finally, Instagram decided to take a leaf from Twitch’s book, which is running short of pages with YouTube and Facebook doing the same. That’s right, Instagram is adding mega likes, stars, and charms to its platform. These are essentially the equivalent of users sending tips as a form of appreciation and are most commonly encountered on gaming and live streaming platforms. With Instagram Live, against all odds, taking off with the community, the platform thought it wise to include such a feature for the benefit of creators.

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