Instagram Tests New Change That Converts Every Video Post Into A Reel

The fact that Reels are doing so great on Instagram warrants the need for Meta to consider exploring this format further. And that’s probably one of the biggest reasons why Instagram is busy experimenting with an innovative test that converts each and every video post into a Reel on the app.

The tech giant recently confirmed the news to media outlet TechCrunch, where it shed light on how the change could soon be seen as a simplified maneuver to incorporate more videos on the platform. For now, it’s in the trial phase and will be dealing with a specific number of users from around the globe.

Similarly, Meta’s spokesperson was seen mentioning in an email how the initiative is a great way to enhance users’ experience of videos across the app, which is clearly one of its leading revenue streams.

We’ve got more information about the interesting update, thanks to avid social media expert and tech analyst Matt Navarra. He showed so many people that those involved in the test would soon see a pop-up message that reads: “Video Posts will now be shared in the form of Reels!”

Therefore, if you get the message, it means those posting videos on their public accounts can see them being converted into Reels. And if that’s the case, that particular Reel could be explored further by anyone on the app and they could even use your audio of yours as a part of their own Reel creation.

Meanwhile, those having accounts that are set up as private will notice that the Reel posted through their app is solely going to be visible to their followers only.

In the same way, the message also highlights another important point: if your Reel is posted publicly, any user has the right to make a remix version of it. But if you’ve got an issue with that, you can always customize your options by making amendments in the Settings section.

Just like similar experiments being conducted by the app, you never know when or if the final launch will occur on a more global scale. Hence, the waiting game is on. But if this change does pull through with the masses, it isn’t going to appear without some major hurdles.

For starters, it might be hard to put up a horizontally aligned video if the latter is uploaded in the vertically directed format for the Reels. Secondly, the app has failed to mention any details about what would happen to videos that were already put up on the app. Would they have the same option of not?

We’re seeing this test roll out as Meta is predicting big things for Reels as the company says the feature was responsible for the majority of its earnings in the first quarter of this year. On average, users spend around 20% of their time on the app exploring this trend.

Hence, we’re not seeing why Instagram shouldn’t venture into this Reels world by ditching all of its videos as a whole. And in case this change does go all the way to being permanent, we could be seeing more and more users spend a greater chunk of their time viewing this element.

The head of Instagram made it quite clear in 2021 when he referred to Instagram as an app that was solely restricted to sharing images. Instead, it was a platform that could soon be seen as one that’s willing to experiment more with a shift towards videos. And obviously, that’s all thanks to archrivals TikTok and YouTube who have been doing great in that domain.

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