Instagram Allows iOS Users To Delete Their Account On Social Media Through The iPhone App

Instagram has some good news for iOS users and that includes allowing them to delete their social media accounts through the iPhone application. And in case you didn’t know, that task was once deemed to be a tad bit too complex.

A recent report by TechCrunch revealed how the leading social media company is launching a new update that lets iOS users delete or even disable their Instagram accounts present on Apple’s smartphones so that it can comply with Apple’s latest review guidelines that are currently present on the App Store.

According to those guidelines, it is now necessary for all apps that give users the chance to create accounts to include an option for account deletion that’s located in the app.

In addition to that piece of news, a representative from Instagram confirmed this change on the app by detailing how the entire objective was to provide more people with ways to handle their experience and the amount of time they were spending on Instagram.

Therefore, the firm is now giving iOS users the chance to get rid of their accounts by simply going to the Settings tab on the iPhone device. And in case you don’t wish to be too harsh and click on delete just it, well, there’s another option for disabling the account too.

To put it simply, it looks like Instagram is providing more and more users with the great flexibility to handle their time and experience across the app. And interestingly enough, the timing seems to be spot on because it’s the final day that apps are provided with an opportunity to update and comply with Apple’s stringent policies.

Also, in case you may have a change of heart after deleting your Instagram account through the iPhone app, well, there’s no reason to break a sweat. The company is also giving users an added benefit in the form of a time period of one month during which the app can be prevented from deleting a user’s account.

Meanwhile, a recent report by TechCrunch is going as far as to delineate how all of Meta’s other applications are also bound to follow Apple’s new strict guidelines in the App Store. Hence, this includes the likes of the popular messaging app WhatsApp too.

But apps like Telegram and even Spotify are still not liable for following these new guidelines.

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