TikTok Begins Testing More eCommerce Integrations For Users Including Dedicated Shopping Feeds

ByteDance, which is the parent firm of TikTok, does not plan on taking a back seat, especially after it unveiled the increased amount of pressure to meet revenue targets for this year.

Therefore, the app is doing everything in its power to capitalize on eCommerce opportunities that could further make the most of the golden venture and produce greater revenue.

TikTok says this can come in the form of more integrations and that’s why it’s currently in the testing phase of such features that entail shopping feeds.

For now, there isn’t too much information available, other than the fact that the current target is Indonesia, where users will get the chance to gain access to the app’s innovative Shop tab. This will be located along the ‘For You’ and the ‘Following’ newsfeeds.

A recent example was highlighted by WatchfulAI (Via TechCrunch), which showed how busy TikTok is while trying to develop a particular segment for shopping. And this is believed to have a great UI priority as the main content feature.

Other than that, shopping cart icons that are situated on the screen’s top right-hand side are going to be a salient feature offering where users have the chance to put items inside their baskets as they scroll. This is a clear indication of how much the popular video-based app wishes to revolutionize its platform, where eCommerce can reign supreme amid other things.

But this recent move does not come as a major surprise to so many people who feel TikTok has been wanting to move in this direction for a while now. Moreover, it can be seen as a means by which ByteDance has conducted a similar trial for the Chinese version of the TikTok app called Douyin.

And just in case you were not aware, most of Douyin's profits hail from eCommerce being integrated into the popular Chinese application. Did we mention how valuable this new strategy can turn out to be in terms of creator monetization?

For instance, so many more brands can now establish partnerships and integrate themselves into the app. This way, they’re giving rise to a number of healthy promotional tactics on the app.

By TikTok doing the same, the company is aiming for a similar offering that would pave the way for healthy competition against fellow rivals Instagram and even YouTube in terms of monetization opportunities.

Creators are given a plethora of incentives and chances to make revenue on YouTube, thanks to its Partner Initiative. This project is designed to pay talented and renowned creators the chance to receive billions each year.

And whether TikTok likes the sound of that or not, it’s definitely a matter of concern to them because common sense tells us that bigger creators are always on the search for bigger ways to make money and when YouTube is doing just that, why would anyone say no.

With time, TikTok’s value might fall and people would even consider de-prioritizing the app and that’s why the company is so keen on making this eCommerce avenue work at full benefit levels.

The company has mentioned over time how it is in need of more chances to build upon its income because it has already cut out a number of employees in the past few weeks. This was seen as a smart way tactic as dictated by officials hailing from China’s ruling government.

Other than that, we’re seeing the app face a number of restrictions too. This coupled with the worldwide economic instability, TikTok hopes they can mend ways to better income avenues before it's too late.

As stats currently reveal, the company’s balance sheets aren’t looking as great as they should be so hopefully eCommerce integrations can tidy that aspect up.

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