Adopting The Metaverse Is Going To Be Expensive As Meta Raises Prices Of Its Quest 2 Headset By $100

It looks like the Metaverse is going to be an expensive affair as the company recently announced its plans to raise the prices of its Quest 2 headsets by a staggering $100. The change will be implemented by next month, Meta confirmed.

The famous headset, which was once dubbed ‘Oculus Quest 2’ was never cheap, to begin with as previously, costs were revealed to be $400 for a 256GB device. Now, it’s the same device that’s going to cost buyers $500.

Meta confirmed the news recently through a post that notified users about the price hike which it said would come into immediate effect starting next month.

There is a clear sign for many interested in the Metaverse and VR world to act now or regret it later because we don’t see prices coming down anytime soon. In fact, we predict them going up, after seeing the world suffering from so much economic uncertainty.

In case you’re wondering what’s the best location for the pickup of such products, well, there is the official store of Meta, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and of course good old Walmart too.

We certainly see this as a huge price jump as the headset used to be called the best gaming deal out there today. But after seeing current conditions unfold, Meta is keener on making money while achieving its business goals along the way in terms of more sales of the product.

Remember, VR headsets are an exclusive investment and there’s no reason why we see the demand for such hardware falling anytime soon.

As you can expect, Meta is definitely trying to light up buyers’ faces during times of price hikes as the pill might be a little difficult for some to swallow. Starting from the 1st of next month, it claims to provide buyers with the Beat Saber copy for free as a part of the exclusive deal.

For those who aren’t aware, this is major news as the game is an immensely popular offering that usually costs gamers $30.

As far as the huge increase in price is concerned, Meta has come forward and justified it all by shifting the blame on both manufacturing costs as well as shipping. Hence, the firm revealed how it was left with no choice whatsoever.

Meanwhile, there is also some talk about experts highlighting a better way to save up on prices through refurbished models but it’s now been declared that even such products would be hit with the $100 increase. Still, you’ll definitely be paying less with this one version.

Meta’s spokesperson was seen mentioning how the increase in prices has nothing to do with Meta’s profits. In fact, it was revealed that the firm does not make any money through sales received from its headsets.

Other reports claim that Meta could also land itself in trouble for the sudden price hike. Anti-trust regulators could well see this as a strategic move by the tech giant which first had to do with providing a product at low costs so that it could increase in popularity and wipe out other competitors who offered similar headsets at higher prices.

Then, after gaining a dominant hold in the VR market, it chose to raise its price tag so fans would be left with no choice but to make a purchase.

The Quest 2 model is a huge trending venture among those enthusiastic about games. When you look at statistics from the previous month, around 50% of people that made use of the VR and Steam had Quest 2 on board.

Also, there’s news of Meta working on more similar headsets because the demand is that high. Hence, we suggest you grab the Quest 2 immediately before the month ends if you’re interested.

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