Google’s Adorable Weather Frog Character Has Stopped Wearing A Face Mask On The Search App

The COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world in 2020 saw so many changes in the world of technology. And that included Google making some amendments to its Search app for Android users too.

If you happen to be an avid user of the Google Search app, you may have noticed Google’s Weather Frog. He was all decked up in protective gear to remind others to do the same and follow appropriate protocols for protection against the virus. Moreover, for two years, we witnessed the adorable frog covered in a face mask.

In what is being described as a positive change, Google has finally decided to make the frog mask free.

During the time that it was first introduced, we saw the frog appear in cloth masks of various kinds and designs. The frog continued to take part in interesting activities while roaming around in different environments too.

All of the fun activities took place in the great outdoors and that’s why the frog was always seen putting his safety first, thanks to Google by its side.

Keeping in mind today’s current condition, we’re seeing the frog back, mask-free. The whole idea, as explained by Google, is to match the location that is being searched. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s an absolute delight to see how little details make all the difference.

The character is called Froggy and he’s commonly seen pop up when you press the Today Tab. Remember, you’ll need to be making use of a full-screen weather service if you wish to get a glimpse of him.

Powered with assistance from Google, you can even find similar illustrations when any user conducts a search for a location as well as the weather on the respective app. Obviously, it’s a little smaller but the scene you’ll get to see would definitely be broader.

The news of the mask removal comes during the start of this week and we won’t lie but we’re loving the new change on the adorable Weather Frog. Google confirmed that the change is for all places around the globe.

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