Google Docs Will Provide Users With Notifications Whenever Edits Are Made To Collaborative Projects

Google Docs is getting an update wherein all users working on a collaborative project will be informed if updates are made to say project.

Google Docs is honestly such a useful tool, and while it may not be as definitive of a platform for the company as say Gmail or Google Search, it’s still one of the most widely used options. Docs allow you to work with an online product that is essential of the same caliber as Microsoft Word without having to purchase Office. The tool’s ready online availability also means that you can continue writing and typing at literally any point so long as an internet connection is available; which, if we’re going to be honest, is almost always nowadays. However, Google Docs isn’t just content on being a Microsoft Office alternative: not only does it also provide a variety of other tools such as Sheets (as an Excel competitor) and Slides (for PowerPoint), but it also adds in collaborations! When multiple people have to work together on a project, which seems to keep popping up as a theme in both middle school and professional life, that’s where you need Docs.

Before Google Docs, users would have to rely on emailing each other documents with partially finished segments, and one person would have the duty of compiling everything together into a single file. This would lead to the occasional miscommunications, with someone’s work bleeding into the others’ or people accidentally finishing another’s assigned task. Since a single person is usually compiling these documents, edits are also harder to make, leading to occasional mistakes. Docs have erased the need for all of this; now, users can work together on a document and observe updates being made to it live. This way, any misconceptions can be cleared up at the drop of a hat, and edits are much more thorough as well.

However, mistakes can still occur, and while they’re much easier to clear up with Docs, users usually don’t notice them occurring until a bit later. That’s because unless they’re looking at the document 24/7, someone’s bound to make an edit or two that escapes attention until later. That’s where the new update rolls into the room: Google Docs will now provide notifications that help cover such lapses. These notifications, which can be activated or deactivated by users, will inform them about general changes, such as parts of a document being either removed or added.

The updates and alerts will be sent across all of a user’s Google devices, ensuring that nothing is missed or left out.

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