Creators Can Now Transform Live Gameplay Clips Into Reels Thanks To Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is launching a new and exciting feature called ‘Clips to Reels’. With this rollout, creators are getting the chance to convert their live gameplay into reels.

The company first unveiled the feature last month in June and now it appears to be making its way to all partners involved.

The new functionality allows creators to extract clips from all of their favorite moments during the game and transform it into a 60-second themed format.

It appears that Meta is trying to make the most of the ever-growing popularity and trend related to Reels and amalgamating it with another popular feature of games. And we don’t see why it can’t be a success.

Facebook Gaming explains that the Reels would be getting dual views because one would be reserved for the creator reel while the other is for the actual gameplay taking place.

Facebook has gone on to elaborate upon how the new feature can best be availed by creators making their way over to the creator studio that can be found on desktops. Next, they head on over and navigate towards the tab of Clips.

Creators will have the choice to pick any clip that they’d like to change into the reel format. After that, simply press the create reel button. This allows the clip to be cut down into a shorter format that’s needed to fulfill the reel’s requirements.

Creators can then crop out any footage that they feel doesn’t belong there so as to primarily focus on the gameplay section that they’d want others to see.

The company confirmed via a recent blog post that this tool is guaranteed to do the work for creators that are needed to make the best reels layout.

When creators are done customizing their final product, they can simply move on to the Share section and that’s where they get the chance to preview. The next step includes making some final amendments in the form of adding captions, incorporating hashtags, and then posting it off to a page as well.

Those who wish to add some more innovative features like sound effects, GIFs, and more can simply download the reel and then put it up on either Facebook or Instagram again. This way, they’ll have access to a number of creative features on these apps.

The news of the new launch comes at a time when Meta is really trying to make the most of its Reels format after seeing its immense success on Instagram. As revealed in its quarterly earnings for the first part of 2022, Reels exceeded the 20% watch time of users on Instagram. And we’re sure the figures have gone up remarkably for this quarter, which will be confirmed when Meta puts up its earnings for Q2 of 2022 soon.

We agree that Facebook Gaming may not be a leader for game streaming when you look at other archrivals like Twitch but we feel the move is a strong one that can really assist in strengthening its appeal.

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