LinkedIn adds a repost option under posts to increase user engagement

LinkedIn, a popular job posting and searching platform, is adding a repost option in the latest update, similar to Twitter’s retweet option, reports Nima Owji and Matt Navarra. While the feature could help in increasing your following through re-sharing with followers, as well as keeping your network up to date, it can also quickly amplify criticisms and negative feedback.

Last month, LinkedIn launched the first iteration of the report feature and it looks like they’re planning to keep it. LinkedIn will soon be making it a default post-reaction option, which will allow more users to engage in the feature.

Right now, the repost feature works like so: You have four options to work with including the “Like”, “Comment”, “Share” and “Send”. Using the “Share” option, you can quote the post and add your thoughts on top essentially working like a repost feature. But with the new update, LinkedIn will be making the repost a separate option to choose from between the others under the post.

But here’s why the repost feature, which many people use on Twitter, has become such a big concern. Hate and drama spread faster than anything on the internet and this is why the report feature has become a big problem for many social media companies, as it allows users to quickly repost negative comments and cause drama.

While other platforms such as Twitter are taking a step back when it comes to reposting, LinkedIn is instead taking this feature to the next level by making it a default option under posts. This could be credited to users reposting content anyway, with or without this feature.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and the retweet option creator Wetherell, have regretted the implementation of the feature on Twitter because of its powerful ability to spread negative comments and blind hate.

LinkedIn’s main reason for taking a step towards the repost feature seems to be stemming from the need for more user engagement on their platform. Currently, the report option hasn’t been released publicly.

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