Google Play Makes The Most Of Its 10th Anniversary Celebrations With A New Logo

Google Play is excited to turn ten soon and that’s why they’re celebrating with a new logo that many viewers have already spotted at various locations.

The company is calling the logo an official change and will be a part of the 10th-anniversary celebrations that will be kickstarting soon. But that’s not all.

Google says it plans on giving back to its loyal customers for the much-anticipated event by rewarding them with 10x through Play Points that happen to do with purchases beginning today.

For those who may not be aware of the launch of Google’s Play Store, let’s take a short exploration down memory lane to see where it all began.

It was March 2012 when we first saw Google open its doors and make a debut appearance. Hence, we bet we know exactly what you’re thinking.

If you actually go by calculation, the birthday isn’t anytime soon but according to the firm, the difference between the months of March and July is still pretty close enough.

But during the actual launch, what so many people don’t know is that Google was actually rebranding its Android Market with the debut of its play store. Similarly, it had great plans of building upon other forms of its retail products like Google Books, Music, and even its Movies so that everything would now be seen in one place or should we say a single platform.

This came with a new Play branding outlook and overall, people were happy with the final result where many media-themed apps could be found.

As years went by, so many apps began to disappear. For instance, there’s no more Play Music while the ever-so-popular Play Movies turned into Google’s TV. The only part remaining is Google Play Books while the rest slowly disintegrated.

The new outlook is getting praised for being uberly colorful and vibrant, where various hues spread across the wordmark as well as its logo.

But critics aren’t too happy as many have called the design a flatter approach that lacks the necessary gradients that used to give that added depth and shape.

At the same time, we’re also seeing a change in shape on various dimensions of the Google Logo so there’s actually a lot less blue now and more room for some more hues.

Again, you can’t make everyone happy and Google knows that with every change, there’s bound to be criticism. Our personal opinion is that the logo seems to be more balanced as far as saturation and detail density are concerned. We also have to say that we’re loving the fact that they’re well aligned with Google’s other logos that have been symbolic representations for millions.

Google has not given a specific starting date for the new changes that are going to be arriving soon. And that’s because they claim it would vary for various destinations around the world.

However, if you happen to be interested, you can always check out the Google Play Store’s Points webpage for more information.

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