A new study from TikTok has found that many people buy specific products from brands after seeing them endorsed by their favorite influencer

TikTok can very easily be called the favorite app of the younger generation. A large majority of Gen Z is on the app and surprisingly enough is profiting off the short videos that they make on the app. The app was created by ByteDance and has a Chinese version as well called Douyin.

The app gained popularity in the past two years, mainly being used almost religiously by the younger generation while in quarantine. Nowadays most social media apps have a streaming option that allows users to go live and stream their content to earn money. On most of the apps, the live-stream option is mainly used to stream live gameplays or to connect with fans using the stream. Regardless of whatever option it is used for, it is doubtless that live-streaming can be counted as a vial-able form of e-commerce.

And this exactly is what TikTok wants to achieve and if it succeeds then it will lead itself completely into flowing the footpaths of its sister app and the original Chinese TikTok, Douyin. Going down this path will later on turn the short video app into a whole money printing machine with the amounts of money that people could make with it.

This can be supported by the fact that Douyin generated a revenue of $119 billion from product sales influenced by live streams in just 2021. That year Douyin saw a 7x increase in year over year report. And if that wasn’t enough, the number of people watching the live streams exceeded 384 million which was almost half of the platform’s user base.

And this is the reason why TikTok has recently commissioned a new survey from Ipsos that will provide them with a newer point of view as to why brands should be looking into more live-stream sponsorships on the app.

In that study, it was found that on TikTok 1 out of 5 users that live-stream watch TikTok Live, and out of those more than half (62%) watch it daily for a considerate period. Moreover, the study also showed that out of all the respondents, the ones who have TikTok or any other social media app are 50% more interested in the branded live-streamers rather than the people who don’t have an account. Last but not least the study also found that 50% of TikTok users have bought a product from a brand that was endorsed by a live-streamer on the TikTok app. Take a look at below infographic for more insights:

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