Google Chrome is testing a new feature that allows users to create notes on the websites they visit frequently on its browser

Ever wanted to write down key points about a website? For instance, you want to put a record of login information, tracking ID, security numbers, etc. Or it can be anything that you want to recall when you see that website again. Well, Google seems to be addressing this problem soon. A Reddit user noted that Google Chrome is trying hard on the ability to create notes while saving a webpage on Chrome.

The popular opinion is that when a website seems important to users, they use bookmarks. Bookmarks often help to remember why you wanted to visit a web page again after some time. But, when bookmarks aren’t enough, people prefer using third-party apps. For example, Beanote, Pocket, or Note Anywhere. All of these apps enable you to highlight important points and make notes about a webpage. In addition, these apps also allow multi-device sync, wherever you’re all of your devices will be automatically synchronized to your account.

Google developers find this interesting to incorporate notes in Chrome so that people won’t have to use other extensions. Four months before, Chromium Gerrit had incomplete information about how the update will work but Redditor Leopeva64-2 predicts that Google is still trying out the notes feature to soon be available on Chrome. However, it is yet unavailable on Chrome Canary so nobody knows exactly how it’s going to be. The expectations are similar to what Edge offers its user to add a note in the PDFs by selecting text in the PDF reader, right-clicking on it, and adding a comment to write a key point.

At this moment, Redditor shared an undeveloped preview of the developer version, Chrome Canary. You’ll be able to select the content visible on your screen, then right-click and choose the Create a note label. It would be pretty much similar to Microsoft Edge’s execution as mentioned earlier. So, once you’re done with creating a note, the specific text would be shown up in purple. Likewise, you can add notes to the images as well. Furthermore, the side panel on Chrome will display all your saved notes and the lateral panel would intuitively emerge when a person visits a web page where the notes were created.

The current preview shows that with every note there’s also a hamburger menu side by side which allows you to delete or rewrite a note. It is essential to mention here that, selecting a text to add a note is not a must. You can create a note without selecting text. You only need to right-click on the web page at any place and add a note according to your desire. By adding notes you don’t have to put pressure on your mind about why you saved a certain web address.

On the end note, this update would be really helpful for website developers to save observations on the pages they create and the browsers will automatically sync notes across all devices. By doing so, you can live in the cloud letting you be free from devices. It’s secure and saved in your Chrome browser and drive.

Currently, the feature is still in the testing phase and we don’t know whether it’ll be available to the public or not. We suggest that if the feature takes some editing tools from Google Docs, one can effortlessly share notes with a team as well.

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