Google Leaves Users Confused After Deleting Its App Permissions List From The Play Store

Google is being questioned and scrutinized for its recent behavior on the Play Store. And that’s related to the tech giant removing its ‘Permissions’ listing.

On one end of the spectrum, Google announced how it was now going to tackle privacy issues stringently, making sure it was transparent about users’ data. Therefore, the firm decided to introduce a section for Data Safety on the Play Store so users could better understand how their data was being taken care of.

But now, we’re seeing an absolute shift in behavior. Google recently removed its ‘Updated On’ tab and now it’s going to delete the ‘Permissions’ listing too. Clearly, the moves don’t make sense and they’re more or less contradicting one another.

For those who may be a little confused regarding what this all really means, well, the app listings present on the company’s app store have a special section called Permissions. And here is where specific permissions needed by every app are boldly delineated.

This not only adds convenience but also saves users’ time as they won’t be needing to pass through the struggle of first downloading an app and then seeing how their privacy will get affected.
The rules are outlined prior so you can simply read and then if you find them alright, you just download the app and carry on with your work. And as you can probably imagine, people that are a little more concerned about privacy couldn’t be happier.

But wait, according to one tech enthusiast who goes by the name Mishaal Rahman, the company has reportedly gotten rid of it entirely for every single app on the Play Store. And this is said to be applicable in both mobile apps as well as for desktop web.

A recent tweet had been issued by the tech enthusiast with screenshots that clearly highlighted what a regular Facebook app appeared like before such changes were introduced and what it looks like after the change came into play.

For now, many users are baffled as to what the real reason behind all of this could be or why Google would abruptly make a huge change without any prior notification.

Many tech experts and analysts feel it’s related to the new Data Safety mentioned on the Play Store that’s currently in the process of being launched. But even if that’s the case, we hope Google finds a way to officially release a statement on the matter because it’s high time users get an answer as to what’s going on.

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