Meta Releases Its First Annual Human Rights Report With Strong Justification For Its Strategies

Facebook’s parent firm, Meta has recently published its first-ever annual human rights report. And after taking an up close and personal look at the 83-page long document, it’s not surprising to see which angle the company is taking.

As noted by CNBC, the document sheds light on how the firm plans to handle a range of diverse issues pertaining to the theme of human rights. Similarly, the report delineates all the respective measures taken by Meta to combat challenges in the past, while providing a clear justification for all of its policies too.

There were plenty of challenges that came Meta’s way during the years 2020 and 2021, especially those related to harassment and the spread of misinformation. But keeping in mind compounding factors like the ongoing pandemic, it was difficult to fight all the battles alone.

While Meta did achieve plenty of highs, the lows cannot be forgotten. The company struggled to provide the masses with adequate health-related assistance while trying to attain a balance of freedom of thought with a number of other basic rights to life such as security.

In addition to that, we saw the report try to put an end to abuses of human rights as was seen through the launch of its smart Ray-Ban story glasses.

Meanwhile, Meta was also seen trying to please the masses with an altered privacy protection protocol. Then we had Apple’s new data tracking policy in place which made life so much more difficult for Meta to progress.

Meta had to take care of the added risk related to so many vulnerable targets like minorities and younger audiences. It launched its end-end encryption services for the leading texting platform WhatsApp, which also went on to have backups for various chats.

But despite its wonderful text and detailed explanation of so many things, that just was not good enough of a justification for many as to why Meta stayed silent on the violence taking place in India as well as the spread of misinformation.

Many failed to look past Meta’s silence to oppression and seeing the company give a brief summary about an assessment of human rights in that country was just more icing on the cake.

Remember, this comes at a time when a leading law firm delineated how Meta’s platforms were a huge safety threat for people in India.

While the company has started to take several measures to combat the growing problem like allocating teams to combat the problem locally as well as cracking down on those insinuating hate speech, the challenge continues to be troublesome.

Many things were missing but for a first-timer, we think Meta has done a great job. Remember, there is plenty of room for improvement, like always. The company wasn’t able to include the changes it sought in 2022 and there was little to no talk about AR and VR technology, let alone the Metaverse.

Hence, we could well be seeing a new update make its way to the masses soon. And until then, this will just have to do.

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