Facebook Users Will Soon Be Allowed To Create Up To Four Additional Profiles

The fact that Facebook is being bombarded by stiff competition by other leading social media giants means the app needs to bring up its game or face the consequences.

This is one of the many reasons why the company has decided to test a new feature that allows some users to have multiple profiles.

Today, the company revealed the striking decision to launch this test which many are viewing as a huge shift. Remember, Facebook’s parent company Meta is trying really hard to make its users stay on board the platform amid a stark rise in competition, thanks to so many rivals.

The new test means users on Facebook will now be given the chance to make up to four more profiles that would be linked to their original account, which is currently limited to just one.

For instance, you could have one reserved for your friends, another for your colleagues, and then one additional one which can be held for communicating with those that interest you the most like certain groups or influencers.

Although it’s believed that users are going to have a single account only, they’ll be given the chance to carry out a switch between their profiles with the help of some clicks.

Another huge point of discussion that we found interesting is how Facebook says users who wish to create a number of extra profiles will also be given the chance to not use their real identity, as far as display name is concerned.

However, all profiles will continue to be subjected to the app’s policies and any violations regarding a single profile can affect the whole account, as confirmed by one of Facebook’s spokespersons.

He added that the whole initiative is being done to assist various people to customize their experiences on the app in regards to what they’re most interested in and how they wish to establish connections with others.

But the spokesperson again reiterated that anyone that’s interested must realize that only those that follow rules and regulations would be allowed to do so.

As far as the subject of name is concerned, many people are having questions on how exactly that would work, considering that you don’t need to prove your real identity through your name on the different accounts.

There will be a big no allotted to both numbers as well as special characters as a part of the actual name but other than that, you’re free to choose anything.

It’s quite clear that Facebook’s shift from users having just one profile to one where they can have multiple comes at a time when it’s busy fighting hard to survive the stiff competition.

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