Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ Feature Experiences Major Decline

In case you happen to be wondering what happened to Google’s People Also Ask feature, well, you’re clearly not the only one.

A major decline has been noticed in the past few days on users’ desktops and many can’t help but wonder what the real reason may be.

According to a report by Semrush and RankRanger, we saw it standing at nearly 60% of queries in the past and when we look at it now, it’s gone down to 30%.

This decline was first observed near July 7th which happens to be last Thursday and considering the fact that it’s a major drop, well, many are wondering if it’s a bug from Google’s end.

After taking a look at observer charts related to a number of tracking tools, we were able to gain a better insight into the situation. And that’s when Semrush and RankRanger saw a huge difference and wondered if it was causing any change for users or not.

The key was to determine if it was a really big reporting issue or if the change was a part of Google Search in general. And from the findings of several tech experts, the matter was not just limited to a mistake.

Both claimed that the data was correct and that no issues could be made out from their ends. And that just left us thinking that it’s a bug that needed to be fixed from Google’s end.

In addition to that, the seoClarity also witnessed a mega 50% drop in regards to SERPs which displayed PAAs from last week too.

Discussions on the matter took center stage on Twitter with many feeling the feature was a great addition to the platform. At the same time, others felt it managed to take quite a few visitors away from various web pages, forcing them to stay on Google.

Whatever the case may be, we hope Google addresses the concerns of many who can’t help but wonder what went wrong.

H/T: Seroundtable.

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