Russia Imposes Massive $365 Million Fine On Google For Failing To Remove Banned YouTube Videos

Google is on Russia’s hit list for fines after the leading tech giant failed to follow instructions regarding the publishing of YouTube videos entailing prohibited content.

According to Russia, a warning had been given to delete all such videos having content that’s banned in the country and goes against its laws. But since YouTube failed to pay heed, they’re now being forced to deal with the imposition of a hefty fine worth $365 million.

The news was recently reported by Reuters which published a press release that had been translated on the matter. The report specifies the words mentioned by a Russian-based communications provider how YouTube would now be paying the price for failing to obey the country’s orders.

But what exactly does prohibited content mean is a question on so many people’s minds. And the answer is simple. It comprises videos that promote violence and extremism including those that support fake information regarding the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

About four months back, the Russian regulator had issued threats aimed directly at Google to make amendments or pay the consequences and it now seems the time has come that they’re resorting to legal means.

The fee was initially outlined to comprise around $95,000 but they did add how it would increase to gain 20% of the tech giant’s turnover for the year.

At the moment, there is no news on Google commenting on the subject or whether or not the company would be moving ahead and paying the fine.

In May, we heard plenty of news from Google’s end about how it wished to shut down all of its operations in the country. It highlighted how the nation’s authorities were confiscating all assets belonging to the search engine giant.

On that note, Google boldly declared that working in such an environment was near impossible. And to make matters worse, the company’s Russian subsidiary was also seen filing for bankruptcy in June.

So as you can see, things aren’t looking too good between the Russian government and Google. We’ve seen both sides debate over issues in the past but this is major. Last year in December, Google was again slapped with a fine worth $100 million for the same reason.

And that’s when matters took a turn for the worse as quite a few tech giants began cutting Russians from their services. This included YouTube demonetizing, halting ad sales on the platform, and even banning access to the country’s own state-controlled media.

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