TikTok Announces New API Access Points To Provide The World With More Insight About Its Systems

TikTok has been at the center of plenty of controversies. The company has faced all sorts of criticism linked to increased scrutiny, thanks to different regulatory bodies.

Let’s not forget the bucketload of questions raised about how its privacy policy works and whether or not it's busy sharing data with others, as accused by American and British lawmakers.

Then there are doubts linked to its parent firm and how exactly TikTok manages to handle its content on the app. Therefore, the popular social media company says it’s not planning on leaving its stakeholders in the dark anymore.

The news comes with the firm announcing a new venture comprising API access points. This has been designed with the sole purpose of providing greater insight into how the app’s systems actually work, putting rumors at rest for good.

TikTok wants the world to know that it’s not filtering out content coming its way or even amplifying certain topics as others may claim that it's been busy doing. Instead, it wants all those researchers to know what it's up to and how it actually handles its own system’s functioning.

The new program will make sure researchers gain access to publicized and anonymized information linked to content on the app. At the same time, the popular platform wants the new project to garner a better insight related to how moderators carry out their day-to-day rulings.

TikTok says it has stringent policies in place relating to who can really access some tools, at the end of the day.

This could potentially serve as a golden opportunity for so many people out there that have been wondering for so long why TikTok’s famous ‘for you’ feature is so popular and loved by millions of app users around the globe.

Researchers would now get a chance to see what it is that users love and mostly engage with, not to mention what sort of content could result in your suspension or ban.

We are more than certain that despite many people’s wishes, it’s definitely not going to give access to its AI systems and how it manages to extract little bits from every clip put up on the platform. After all, you can’t let all of the secrets out of the bag right?

And in case you didn’t know, that’s TikTok’s secret sauce that so many archrivals have been wanting to get their hands on for quite some time. But similarly, we’d like to mention how it’s also the same thing that many refer to as controversial, for obvious reasons.

Remember, TikTok has some great algorithms in check that can tell exactly point toward specific things seen in its video content. This can then be used to sort out content.

TikTok has seen its fair share of controversies like in 2020 when people pinpointed how the app instructs moderators to shun content featuring people that appear a certain way that they feel is undesirable.

Yes, certain traits were given higher priority over others and that’s when the firm quickly acted to change its guidelines before widespread outrage ensued.

Clearly, the platform’s AI system can identify certain physical elements better than others. They then go about matching them to parameters enlisted so that fans continue to stay glued to the app.

We could be overthinking, like the rest of the world. But whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, the initiative to make this change is definitely a bold one. However, considering the great amount of chit-chat centered around the app, it all makes sense as to why the app is engaging in such strategic behavior.

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