Twitter Launches New ‘Discovery Hashtags’ For Communities That Link Users To Relevant Tweets

Twitter is making sure its users find it easy to stay in touch with relevant content on the go by launching its new hashtag discovery feature for communities.

The move is designed to enhance engagement across the app for various communities by allowing the feature to link relevant tweets that users might be on the search for.

The feature is being looked upon as an innovative discovery element that displays a series of hashtags that are prevalently seen in every community. Therefore, the whole plan is to provide a connection of tweets around a particular topic.

Twitter provided an elaborate explanation of the feature by showing a pictorial representation of what users can expect with the launch that will arrive for Android users first and soon be followed up for iOS users too.

An entire page is provided that lists some of the most commonly used hashtags seen in a certain community. These are displayed in a unique panel that can be found right above the feed on a Twitter account.

When you click on a tag of your particular interest, you’ll bear witness to a long series of tweets that are relevant to the community that may have ended up using the same tag for the same purpose.

This way, more and more communities are predicted to engage with one another. So far, the app isn’t doing too good in that aspect as many feel the ultimate tweet experience is yet to exist.

While the actual launch of the feature came about last year in September, Twitter seems to be working hard to use Communities to better its enclosed discussions that include elements arising from places like Reddit and even social media giants like Facebook groups. This way, so many users can interact better with this method through their tweets.

We feel the move is definitely a unique and interesting one, not to mention how it’s going to be a great test to see what users think. But let’s not forget how reports continue to mention the low levels of engagement seen within the app’s Communities.

One issue delineated by experts is related to how so many communities comprise small-scale audiences that are already seen in user profiles. Hence, why post through a community when you can get better reach on your own account?

Nevertheless, there’s always some room for improvement and we feel Twitter can really turn around the current situation with a little out-of-the-box creative thinking.

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