Apple Plans On Expanding Ads Into Its App Store’s Today Tab And Separate App Pages

Apple is on a mission to expand its ads. The tech giant recently revealed how it had great plans of increasing the number of ads on its Today Tab, which is found on the App Store.

But that’s definitely not all. The company also hopes to add more ads to its separate app pages as confirmed by various leading tech news outlets like MacRumors and 9to5Mac recently.

With the new addition, users would now be seeing more ads across the search tab as well as in the search results.

As far as the Today tab is concerned, ads would pop up across the format used for larger cards that are designed for content. But Apple does plan on labeling the tiny blue-colored box with Ad, right beside the name of the app.

Meanwhile, ads popping up on separate app pages would appear under a separate heading that comes with the label, ‘you might also like.’ Hence, this would help users realize that the ad under question is similar to the content they’re seeing on the specific app.

Again, the label would be made prominent in a blue hue so as to keep it separate from different recommendations found on the app.

Another interesting piece of information that we’ve gotten to know, thanks to 9to5Mac is how ad buyers will not be able to interfere with these particular apps for such ads. However, it will definitely be relevant to a specific app that they’ve appeared under.

While the feature is yet to be rolled out right now, Apple says it’s definitely on a mission to test these ads out soon.

The company announced via a public blog post how these search ads give developers a plethora of chances of various sizes so they can grow and expand their ventures further.

They even compared it to the brand’s other similar offerings related to advertising, adding that they were created using the same format and system. Therefore, only content that has undergone approval from its product pages would be included. Also, they’d be following the same privacy guidelines as before.

We first witnessed Apple displaying ads in its search for the App Store in 2016. At that time, it requested user consent to allow personalized ads to come forward. Now, we’re seeing that expand further, which is a clear indication of how much the firm is keen on making money through new ways.

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