Apple Fiercely Rejects Allegations About Security Concerns Linked To iOS Sideloading

Apple is in no mood of being messed around with as the company was recently seen blasting all allegations linked to iOS sideloading.

A letter was sent out by the tech giant’s senior director for government affairs, whose copy was recently received by 9to5Mac. In that letter, the company made counterclaims against all the allegations that its anti-sideloading was not only dishonest and unfounded but also very harmful to others too.

The letter was reportedly sent out to the Senate as a move by the firm to push back all forms of antitrust legislation in the country. If proven guilty, Apple could soon see plenty of changes being made to the App store.

A number of allegations were made this year by a top cryptographer that mentioned to lawmakers how Apple’s iOS Sideloading was unfounded and a threat to security.

The cryptographer named Bruce Schneier mentioned boldly how the actions taken by Apple were just not fair and whatever statements they had made regarding privacy were not only false but a move taken in the firm’s own interest and benefits, with zero care for the public.

It was in fact media outlet Reuters that took the lead and first reported the accusations made by Schneier, which Apple has blasted as truly disappointing.

Apple also directly responded to Schneier, calling his behavior upsetting as the firm reiterated how much importance it gave to both its privacy as well as security. They also said how big of a challenge with so many obstacles coming its way, yet, the firm manages to provide the best engineering protocols and technical advancements to billions of users around the world.

It also highlighted how so much about its sideloading venture is confusing to many, adding how it’s easy to misinterpret what is really going on. Calling Schneier a talented practitioner, Apple says it’s amazing how even such people with so much experience can confound its issues.

Within the same letter, Apple also pointed out how so many third-party apps are available in the market today. While some scrape away user data, others carry a tendency to scrape away data belonging to so many people without them knowing.

Apple took this chance to bash Android’s community, stating it has so much more malware than iOS, almost as great as 50 times.

In the end, Apple concluded by speaking about how it’s currently offering so many safeguards or protections across the App Store platform and would continue doing so over time.

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