The amount of suspended accounts on Twitter has dropped but not in the way you think

Everything has a dark side and the internet is no exception. The internet is filled with all types of people-both good and bad. Most of the social media platforms on the internet have regulations and moderators in place that prevent prohibited content from coming on to the app.

Twitter has these policies that help the platform stay safe and respectful by eradicating all tweets that can be disrespectful to people of any color, race or gender.

The tweets which violate the policies are removed and the user given a warning. If the violations continue the account is temporarily suspended.

A new transparency report from Twitter showed a significant decrease in the number of suspended accounts and the accounts which had content removed due to policy violation. In that report it was also highlighted that there was an increase in government requests to receive information and to check as to how often twitter observes with those requests.

But one specific thing to note is that while the number of violations is decreasing, a number of other violations are on the rise such as child exploitation. There is also an increase in the amount of journalists being targeted by the government. The report includes data from July to December 2021 and found some very interesting things.

This Transparency report showed that there was a huge decrease in the amount of accounts being actioned-this word meaning that an account was suspended because of violations.

The total amount of accounts that had been actioned dropped by 12% and the amount of accounts that had content removed decreased 14% when compared to the time that it was previously reported, but the total number of suspended accounts increased by 2%.

The reason behind this increase was not the use of bad language but it was child sexual exploitation. The total number for suspended accounts for sexual exploitation of minors was 600,000.

The second-largest reason for suspension of accounts is Impersonation. Many people want to take on the identity of famous people but there are some who take the identity of someone in order to ruin their life. The number of accounts suspended for this activity reached 119,508. It was followed by Illegal or certain regulated goods or services and sensitive media with 118,356 accounts suspended.

The last three main reasons for suspension were Hateful conduct with almost 104,565 accounts suspended. The runner up was Abuse and Harassment, which is something that most people think, is the main problem on the internet. Surprisingly violence was the last on the list with 41,386 accounts suspended.

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