Google Assistant Will Soon Lose The Ability To Set Reminders At Different Locations

It’s not common to see Assistant reminders be regularly updated by Google. The last time we saw such an update was related to its dark theme and that came about last year in September.

But now, we are hearing how the company is making plans to delete the ability to set up reminders at various locations across the board.

For those who are wondering, well, it’s quite common to see so many users go about setting up reminders, thanks to their voice assistants by their side. This particular system is created in a manner that allows people to make use of the in-built functionality that’s officially deemed to be known as ‘Google Reminders’ and can be found with ease on the assistant google website too.

Other than the classics of incorporating dates and times, you can also set up specific locations in your reminders, adding a unique feature that’s uber helpful. For instance, you might wish to remind someone to buy salad greens while making a trip to Walmart.

But today, if you happen to visit that particular page, you would have noticed a new banner that boldly states that you’ll no longer be able to add different locations for the reminder soon. And that’s why they’re requesting users to think of different alternatives to help combat the ordeal.

Users have only started to notice the change today and that means it’s going to take a while to get used to losing the helpful endeavor. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a super surprising removal, considering how popular it was for those that paid attention to it and made use of it in their daily lives.

While Google has tried to link up a support article that only slightly expands on this, there are still so many fans wondering what it’s all about and what replacements can be made use of instead.

Speaking on that note, some users claim they’ve only been told to make use of Assistant Routines but that’s just beyond bizarre and baffling as the logic isn’t quite there as Google Keep is already known to offer reminders for various locations.

The news of the removal comes at a time when we’re seeing the system that heads the reminders for Google Assistant being very basic with no modifications. While the ones made via voice are great, the rest isn’t much to talk home about.

Interestingly, the page providing help is also talking about how assigning reminders to someone else would soon be removed too. There is yet to be any date on the removal of any one of these changes as they’re still working today.

H/T: 9to5Google

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