These Tips And Tricks From Insiders At YouTube Could Land You A Job At The Leading Tech Firm

Whether you accept the reality of the matter or not, YouTube is a leading company in today's world of technology and it’s probably one of the hardest places to land your next job.

But with some tips and tricks from insiders currently working there, we bet you can be well on your way to scoring at least an interview.

From what it’s really like to work there and how you can be the next one to nail the entire process as a whole, insiders are gearing up to give readers a new insight into the world of YouTube.

Thankfully, YouTube is nice enough to still be hiring while other leading companies such as Facebook are taking a back seat and steering clear of the process as a whole.

With many rules at stake and a firm that loves to take a more open-minded approach in terms of growth, we’re seeing a lot of changes occur. And the best bit is that the CEO has a unique vision that separates the company from its archrivals.

As she recently mentioned that every firm has its ups and downs but what’s really important is keeping that longer-term goal in mind, no matter how many obstacles come your way. In particular, we see Susan Wojcicki referring to the double recession period that she’s observed in her tenure.

Some might be seeing Google’s decision to work hybrid as negative as employees gear up to return back to the office, others are appreciative of the approach and that’s why the company is still a hotspot in terms of the most attractive locations for work when it comes down to the world of tech.

Did you know the firm was listed in the top ten hotspots for work for this year and while it may have taken a tumble from position six to seven, the world isn’t complaining?

But how difficult is it really to get hired at one of the world’s leading organizations? Well, as employees say, you’ve got to have that creative approach to be a member of the task force, in addition to the technical expertise that really goes a long way.

See, one insider put it all together brilliantly. YouTube is the amalgamation of products mixed with engineering. And that’s one of the many reasons why the tech giant is on the lookout for professionals hailing from the computer and tech world.

Similarly, you’ve got to share that passion revolving around both videos as well as experienced in the entertainment and creative industry.

Moreover, the fact that the company is doing great business with its Shorts and its e-commerce aspects this year, and if you’re well versed in those components then kudos to you on having a great additional plus-point.

Other than that, employees reveal how diversity is another major deciding factor when hiring potential candidates as it’s a part of the firm’s mission to provide each and every person the chance to show their skill to the world while giving them a platform to express their voice.

Does your personality fit the cut to make it big on YouTube?

The first and most important thing that many employees believe is ever so important is related to how well you fit into the Google character? To put it simply, employers are on the lookout for people that they feel have a personality that matches Google’s unique culture.

This includes your ability to collaborate well with the workforce and then approach different challenges using your unique abilities.

See, they’re not only after a great resume. Yes, that matters big time but they also want to see the person behind it all.

Some great tips from insiders of the firm are related to being the best version of yourself and nobody else. Your uniqueness is what will shine through and allow you to enter the next stage. Next, be willing to work well independently but seeing your group dynamics is much more of an interest to the firm that believes in working well with your teammates.

Don’t forget to be familiar with the whole platform and see things from the eyes of a consumer and in some cases, the creator.

Also, if you’ve had the experience of working with another firm that’s similar to platforms like YouTube, you’ll always stand out in a room full of people because these places work closely with the company. This includes advertising firms or those that manage creators or various projects relating to the world of media.

Say hello to interviews galore

We must warn you that once you’ve signed up for the process, you need to be aware that’s a tedious run where you’ll be bombarded with interviews galore. In particular, insiders claim you’ll need to pass several rounds before you even get close to being finalized.

See, employers really want to get to know you and who you are as a person. And only then can they gauge if you’re the right fit.

It all begins with a phone screening and that’s closely followed by more rounds of interviews with a person that’s going to be your future manager. Next, you’ll be quizzed by someone that’s working in a department of the firm that’s the total opposite of your department of interest and that’s what makes it a little interesting.

Last but not least, your resume and application are sent to the hiring committee at the company who will conduct a thorough check of your background. And in the end, your recruiter will carry out a follow-up on several occasions to build upon the facts that you’ve submitted and more information that might need to be collected in the end. This way, they’re carving out a profile for your existence.

Your gateway to getting your foot into the door

If you’re new in the professional world and happen to be a college student, why not build up on the exposure first by applying for an internship. These are designed for the younger and driven lot that want to start strong but it’s not easy. Think of it like a Bootcamp.

Remember, your chances of being hired are increased when you’ve already shown your potential and skills through a great many programs on offer as internships.

Last but not least, always be sure to network in today’s world. If you don’t know anyone that’s working for the firm, don’t sweat. But it always pays off to know people in similar industries. Who knows, you just might land your dream job without even thinking you could, thanks to the help and tips given by others.

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