Twitter’s Transition Drama Continues As Elon Musk’s Team Requests For More Details On Fake Accounts

The week is almost over but the Twitter transition drama continues. And while we did receive plenty of positive signs from Elon Musk about the $44 billion being finalized, here’s another twist to the scenario.

Elon Musk and his team are not backing down just yet and that’s why they have requested more data from Twitter regarding fake profiles and Bots, as reported by Insider. This is another clear indication that the billionaire is still not too happy with all the things that have been made public as he feels there might be more to the story.

Musk and his team feel that in order to close their assessment of bots on the app, there are definitely some pieces of the puzzle missing and they’d like to get full access to that.

This obviously comes after the Tesla CEO’s rant that there are more than just 5% fake profiles on Twitter, hence putting a halt to the transition deal that so many have been anticipating for a while now.

While Twitter claims that they’ve followed each one of Musk’s demands by providing all their records, Musk’s group is still saying that this is just not enough. Therefore, they’re asking for more to finalize their judgment.

So far, Twitter has given Musk the total number of user Tweets and which devices were used to create them. But Musk’s group says it’s insufficient to determine the best analysis of fake profile activity.

The latest form of data released by the social network is said to comprise API details that are in ‘real time’.

But we are not quite sure if that means Twitter has given everything required by API systems or not. However, one thing is for sure, this new information can mean several things.

Firstly, Musk and his team can achieve access to all the details relating to texts from tweets and their associated visuals. Secondly, information about retweets, quote tweets, and any replies produced for each can be better evaluated. Similarly, the authors behind tweets, any tagged places, users, or hashtags could be better visible through this manner. And last but not least, information about devices, locations, and when the tweets were generated is going to be made available.

We believe that is going to be the end of it because any analytical questions are sure to be answered as a means to help identify bot trends. To put it simply, Musk has all the details about Tweets that you can imagine which the firm had been so hesitant to give for so long.

We don’t see that too concerning for Twitter as there are plenty of disclosure laws in place to protect the company and we don’t see how Musk and his group can do much with the details anyways as far as legal terms are considered.

But nevertheless, some do believe that it’s a little erratic that a person like the Tesla CEO has so much information at his disposal.

Twitter knows exactly what it is doing and if you want a person like Musk to be the CEO, he will be needed such details, to begin with.

The problem might be Musk’s history of slamming his critics and firing employees that he finds as true trouble makers. And that means picking up dirt from the past and shoving it in people’s faces. Hence, we do see how the situation can be a little discerning for some people out there.

After the recent release of all these data, we are quite aware that Musk’s team had publicly acknowledged that they’ve got all the tools needed to finish up the assessment and hopefully, that means seeing the deal progress to its final completion.

Obviously, in Elon Musk’s world, you can never say things too early because he is very unpredictable. He could still take a step back or perhaps back out altogether. But if we had to put our money on it, he isn’t going to go anywhere and will be forced to take on the transition.

As you know, the SEC has already accepted Twitter’s bot analysis in the past, adding how it is accurate, no matter what Musk’s team discovers.

So what’s next for the billionaire? Well, it should be grabbing a secure source of finance and making Twitter’s shareholders happy. As you know, that is the final hurdle of the challenge.

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