Twitter Gives Users Full Power To Turn Closed Captions On Or Off On Their Mobile Device

Twitter is widely rolling out a new feature that enables users to switch their captions either on or off across their mobile phones.

The company was recently seen mentioning how the decision lies completely with the user on whether they wish to keep it running or turn it off.

The new update is being looked upon as a new ‘closed caption’ toggle enhancement for users of both iPhones and Android devices. This is after the company was seen carrying out a number of tests for the feature.

But obviously, it does come with some restrictions. For instance, it’s only going to work for videos posted on a social network that have subtitles that are available. And to make sure, you’ll find a CC button situated at the screen’s top right-hand corner. If you wish to change the settings, simply click on it and you’ll be allowed to turn it on or even off.

We definitely see this new update as a wonderful addition in terms of accessibility. This is because you can choose when you want to have the caption segment off or on. Previously, if you remember, you could only see a CC option appear on the web page or when there were subtitles located on your mobile device if your sounds had been turned off.

Furthermore, captions do tend to automatically disappear whenever a video undergoes expansion because once that is done, it allows for sound playback to occur simultaneously.

Even before that, you actually had to manually change it by entering the accessibility tab and turning on the closed caption button if your video allowed for it.

The only limitation we see now is that the button is restricted to those videos only if captions were provided from the start.

As Twitter mentioned today in its very public announcement, the choice is being left to the user in regards to how they’d like their closed caption toggle feature.

We saw the app bring the option to generate automated captions in December of 2021. And while it may be unrelated to this particular update, it’s nice to see the company working around this realm.

However, you’ll be surprised to learn that you can generate automated captions on a frequent basis with help from the web page's accessibility settings. Interestingly, there is no way users can report any automated captions that have been incorrectly generated. Hence, we just might be giving the company a hint at what their next update could include.

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