Microsoft Wants To Make Edge The Next Best Browser In The World Of Gaming

The race to be the world’s best browser continues with Google Chrome taking a clear lead for obvious reasons. But we can’t help but deny the wonderful ways through which Microsoft Edge has remarkably improved over time.

We’re not quite sure if it has reached the default status just yet, but there are some exciting plans that Microsoft has on its way for its Edge browser.

Think along the lines of making Edge the next best thing in the world of gaming. Yes, the tech giant recently unveiled how they want it to be a go-to option for gaming enthusiasts. The news was unveiled today which came alongside information about Microsoft’s brand new portal for games

Alongside that, we saw the launch of the company’s Clarity boost feature when users are engaged in the new Xbox Cloud Game Venture.

Now, if you happen to love gaming and are currently using the Xbox Cloud Gaming features from Microsoft, we bet you’ve been able to notice a slight change in the way your computer is now displaying graphics.

This is drastically different from the manner through which we play games on the regular console. But where did this sudden change in quality come from?

Well, it has to do with the way through which you stream the game on your cloud instead of playing it directly through the console.

Towards the end of last year, we saw Microsoft introducing another Clarity boost update as a part of its Edge Preview. This was designed to enhance the quality of images being streamed onto the browser. And from today onwards, Microsoft has unleashed Clarity Boost for all its users on Microsoft Edge.

But wait, it doesn’t end there. Microsoft is really going full throttle with its gaming adventures. The company has also launched a brand new homepage that’s solely restricted to gaming on the Edge browser’s NTP tab.

Those who are avid users of Edge would already know that the page provides plenty of content relating to gaming news and trends that users might be interested in.

In addition to that, if Xbox users end up logging in through their accounts, you can end up getting all the news about the games you’re playing currently as well as those stored in your library of Xbox.

In the same announcement, we saw the company reveal promotions for the browser’s Efficiency Mode which is designed to limit the usage of resources via the browser whenever a particular player is engaged in games. Users will also now be able to find a new gaming section that’s super lightweight and can be easily enjoyed on browsers without any interruptions.

We saw the Efficiency booster and free games already become a part of the Edge browser for a while now.

Today, Microsoft publicly announced the release of the Clarity Boost and its new portal for gaming enthusiasts, which can be made use of right now. But some people are claiming that they’re yet to be available so we should be seeing a rollout sometime today, depending on your region.

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