Meta Plans On Taking Digital Experiences To The Next Level With The Creation Of Audio Tools For AR And VR

Meta has been very keen on taking the digital experiences of users to a whole new level. And that’s why the company has recently announced that it is working on the development of audio tools for AR and VR experiences.

The company says that the virtual experience can never be complete if it does not come facilitated by brilliant audio technology that immerses a user into a whole new environment. Meta says that the power of sound cannot be underestimated as it assists users in entering a new realm that adds depth to a digital experience.

As of now, Meta appears to be sitting down with its team of researchers to assist in discovering the best AR and VR experience. This comprises the best spatial audio developments that will offer responses to the environment in which it is submerged. Therefore, you can expect it to be displayed within a particular visual, completing the virtual journey.

A recent video has also been released by the tech giant to help make the world understand its vision better. They have explained how sound varies depending on experience and environment and that could be used to better translate a message in the digital realm.

The company also released a public statement that mentioned how great acoustics can make all the difference in the metaverse or when users are watching a show using AR glasses. It says sound can change the whole mood and make you experience a futuristic world that has never been seen in the past.

They gave the example of a holographic world where users are wearing AR glasses and can truly feel immersed with not only great graphics but wonderful sounds too.

Clearly, we see where the company is coming from. And the addition of great sound can really add a whole new level of depth to its much-hyped-up metaverse.

But this is not something completely new because we saw the firm incorporate ‘open air’ sounds in the form of the speaker into its latest Ray-Ban Stories frame. These are designed to give rapid delivery of sound into the wearer’s ears.

We won’t lie but we found that to be a huge surprise because considering that immaculately sleek design, it’s not something that was easy to achieve. Also, it puts away the constant requirement for earbuds as well. While many may assume it won’t work, it actually does and we can’t see why it won’t be a huge selling point for the product.

Meta says it's taking audio to the next level by working on three different models that supplement a seamless audio-visual mix that will be open for its developers to work on.

As the firm says, this combo of speech and sound for videos can push toward a diverse digital experience at a faster pace.

We feel Meta’s decision to expand on research on this subject could open up endless possibilities in the future in terms of producing wonderful audio-based translation tools too.

As Mark Zuckerberg says, great spatial audio can produce a wow factor for the upcoming metaverse.

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