Twitter Is Pulling Out Employees From Some Major Consumer-Facing Functionalities Like Newsletters And Communities

In what is being described as a bold move, we’re seeing the social network giant remove its teams from working on various components that were previously described as consumer-facing.

This includes the likes of newsletters and its audio spaces, while some mention the community as well.

Instead, the company says it plans on redirecting its focus to other aspects such as the growth of users or even places that require customization, as unveiled by Bloomberg’s recent report.

The new changes come as a part of the recent takeover by Elon Musk which appears to be hanging in the wild or up in the air as we have seen it pending for a while now.

The last time we heard, the tech giant was suing the billionaire for wasting time and not aligning with the contract that had been set out on day one.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that its impact is definitely casting some sort of shadow, whether you like it or not.

These changes come at a time when the company’s current CEO mentioned a few weeks back how the firm would be taking a temporary pause in terms of hiring, while we saw it fire leading consumer product in charge- Kayvon Beykpour as well as the firm’s revenue in charge, Bruce Falck.

The new report being released by Bloomberg is definitely an eye-opener for the general public as to what is really going on in the company in terms of its restructuring maneuvers with Jay Sullivan in charge of the firm’s product and revenue.

Meanwhile, we witnessed the company’s representative send out a letter to Bloomberg recently where they mentioned how they’re in the process of making a few amendments and updates as far as their team for a consumer product is concerned.

Similarly, the letter addressed how the company was building a roadmap for its success and that meant refocusing on those areas that could prove to be most impactful for the public in question. However, they failed to specify which aspects were, in general, leaving so many guessing as to what the changes or areas may be.

Now, the only specific feature that had been outlined by Twitter included the good old Edit Button. And while it was announced early on towards the start of this year, we’re still waiting for the official launch for all users.

This button will pave the way for edits to be made within a certain time limit, after which the post was first published on the platform, along with a Tweet history too.

The news by the leading social networking company comes at a time when they had just announced the end of the Twitter TweetDeck for Mac. But we are yet to know if this has anything to do with the current reshuffling in the organization.

For now, we can just guess what two aspects could be that the firm is planning to focus on. One is the Twitter Circles functionality and the other could be the Birdwatch.

The former is like taking a page out of Instagram’s renowned ‘Close Friends’ while the latter has to do with fact-checking.

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