Meta Is Tired Of Answering EU’s Questions As Company Compares Its Anti-Trust Regulators To ‘Fish Trawlers’

It appears as if Meta is tired of staying quiet on the numerous investigations and allegations being put forward against the company by the European Union.

Recently, we saw the tech giant lashing out at the EU’s Anti-Trust body and going as far as mentioning how they were nothing less than fish trawlers. In particular, they were correlating the different searches being conducted in the marketplace.

Meta has boldly mentioned several times how it has had enough and handed more than millions of documents as evidence to prove that it did not violate any users’ trust. But the more it appears to cooperate with the EU, the more the investigations and allegations come it's way.

The first request by the EU came in the year 2019 and that had to do with the company’s marketplace, its online ads, and the social networking aspect of the platform,

Time and time again, Meta continually questions the EU in regards to why it has to keep on providing so much data for the requests as they’re not happy with the justification being given by watchdogs of the EU.

Similarly, we’re watching Meta lose its cool in regards to the terms being allocated by the EU such as some common search phrases like ‘for free’ and ‘not good enough’.

Before we forget to mention the main part, Meta will reportedly be fined 8 million Euros per day, in case it fails to cooperate with the EU and its altering demands. But if you think Meta is just going to sit back and watch it all happen without raising its voice, well, you’re clearly mistaken.

The company has taken all of its woes and worries to the General Court and it’s deemed to be the second biggest judiciary institution in the European Union.

As recently mentioned by Meta’s lawyers, the company is very curious to see what it is that the EU really wants, despite all the records being provided. Moreover, the firm is confused as to what is really under investigation.

Meta seemed more than upset, and rightly so because all that they’ve been doing over the years is cooperating and so far, that’s not working. And that’s what finally led to them labeling the commission as a giant fishing trawler that tried to occupy the entire sea bed to fulfill its gains.

Yikes- they really do seem to have had enough. What do you think?

H/T: Reuters

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