Apple Says It Stopped $1.5 Billion in Fraudulent Transactions In 2021

Apple’s controversial App Store policies continue to be criticized around the globe and we feel the tech giant might be spending more time than usual trying to defend its strict decisions.

In a bid to combat the criticism that many have regarding the same subject, Apple is now justifying its behavior by highlighting how it was able to stop fraud-based transactions worth $1.5 billion in the previous year. And that’s only because of how strict of a hold it has on the App store.

The company says that thanks to its diligent efforts for App-store reviews, intricate payment requirements that are super strict, and a number of other stringent protocols- all of this were possible.

Thanks to the rewarding anti-fraud mechanisms in place, the app store is now being called out as one of the safest places to both locate and download different types of apps. The firm recently released a statement that shed light on this ordeal.

Apple revealed how they were able to safeguard their users from potential frauds and were even able to bar a series of risky as well as vulnerable applications and specific updates from harmful sources.

They also mentioned in detail how the whole process is one that requires meticulous planning and monitoring on a usual basis with strict vigilance over a number of different teams. Be it the app’s review or discovery fraud, Apple had a clear-cut commitment to save its users from entering the dark side of the web.

This is another reason why Apple mentioned it goes the extra mile to make sure its App Store is highlighted by leading security experts as the best and safest location to locate and even download applications.

Some other pointers worth a mention that was highlighted by Apple included how its review team was able to reject almost 35,000 applications that failed to meet the company’s security standards as they entailed hidden features.

Next, we saw about 157,000 apps going down the drain because they were either designated as spam, misleading or even as copies.

In the same way, more than 343,000 apps had been denied access to user data because they feared misleading users or sharing it with other sources.

The company was also able to block almost 95 million reviews and double the number of ratings for publications that did not step up to the plate and meet their standards.

Those apps arising from pirated stores were deleted as were the 3.5 million stolen cards that had been gained for making such fraud purchases. Lastly, the company saw around 118 million attempts of making fake accounts that had been rejected last year. All of these incidents had discerning features that were related to abuse or patterns that were fraudulent.

This latest report by Apple comes at a time when the tech giant is busy carrying out its own scrutiny regarding anti-trust measures and regulations. In addition to that, we’re seeing Apple generate a number of new trending studies on diverse topics relating to its App Store and more.

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