Bad News For TweetDeck Fans As Twitter Plans On Killing The App On Mac

If you happen to be a TweetDeck fan then we’ve got some news for you.

The famous solid tool by Twitter is for professional users who enjoy writing or journalism. With the extended feature, you’re able to get some great glimpses via a side-by-side perspective that allows you to be updated with subjects of your choice.

On a usual basis, you won’t ever find regular app users calling out for the extended feature. In fact, as a whole, the majority aren’t even aware of the fact that it exists. But if you’re active, then we bet it’s going to mean a lot to you.

Who wouldn’t want to make their digital life so much easier? And when you’ve got a range of time-sensitive events on board, it also helps to add convenience. But today, we just might be labeled as bearers of bad news because the company has finally decided to discontinue the app on Mac from July 1.
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The company officially announced the farewell via a public statement where it says it’s going to bid the Mac app goodbye forever as they plan on focusing more on making TweetDeck so much better while experimenting with a new preview that would be out shortly.

Twitter did say how it would be allowing users to continue using the app through desktops as more and more invites make their way shortly. Therefore, if you happen to be an avid fan, well, there is still plenty of time left to make the grand switch over to the web.

But many people might be wondering how it does not appear or even sound too bad right?

And that’s all thanks to the new TweetDeck preview that is solely limited to just a few or limited users. Hence, we will not be surprised if we see the firm retiring the web version soon after this Preview is launched.

So far, from what we know, the reviews for the Preview version are not being loved by those who were addicted to the regular TweetDeck and that raises plenty of questions in users’ minds as to why the change was made in the first place.

And just in case that wasn’t disappointing enough, some people are now speaking about how Twitter is even working hard towards linking the Preview with its Premium subscribers and that means it’s a paid service or one that’s heading in that direction.

Hence, users will be left with two options. Either ditch it as a whole or purchase it if you wish to use it.

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