Google Chrome’s Latest Update On iOS Comes With An Array Of Exciting Additional Features

Google has recently launched its Chrome 103 version for users having Android, iOS, as well as desktops. And with the new update came up with a bunch of exciting additional features that many are looking upon as great improvements.

Think along the lines of less time needed to load sites because of the company introducing enhanced link prefetching. Other notable features would include access to local fonts, and also avif support for APIs related to Web Share too. But that’s not all.

The list of additional features that many are talking about includes a safer experience when browsing online through iPhones. This means users are bound to have greater and safer standards in terms of customized protection against malware, phishing attacks, and numerous threats from various web pages.

Additionally, the company says that users working on iPads and iOS phones can also enable their new browsing system to generate alerts and warn users whether or not a website is potentially a danger or not. This way, alerts can be sent out when the system feels your credentials are at risk of being stolen or compromised.

Other than that, Google is giving iOS users the benefits of a new Password Manager as your new Autofill provider. This will allow users to generate new and stronger passwords to create logins on your device such as the apps seen on your iPhone. But the details are still sketchy as the company is yet to provide a thorough guide on this matter, including a possible launch for Android users too.

Chrome 103 is also expected to get better enhancements for website translations. This makes use of machine learning that develops websites in a language that you’re most to or most comfortable with.

Google says it is working on an updated language model for better identification that works best at figuring out which language you are seeing on a particular page and if it requires an additional translation feature or not.

Another major part of the update is bringing forward various actions of Chrome to the iOS so users can get ahead of their tasks at a faster pace by resorting to the address bar quicker.

Using this enhancement, users can perform a number of actions just by typing them out in address bars Common actions that were highlighted included using the incognito feature, getting rid of junk data, and using Chrome as your designated default browser.

Last but certainly not least, Google is working on bringing forward the famous Chrome ‘three-dot menu’ tab that assists users to find different features with ease. Hence, what you’re essentially getting is a new and improved menu layout that’s super easy on the eyes and great fun to play around with.

You can simply scan the new layout which also highlights options that you find to be super important. Common examples include your password, your search history, and even your settings tab. You can even find the most commonly used functions at the top of the page.

Google says it is ready to introduce some more exciting options on Chrome for iOS users in the following weeks. Be sure to download these updates from Apple’s App Store and we’ll definitely keep a lookout for more news in this regard.

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