Twitter Announces Expansion Of Its Online Shopping Efforts With Launch Of Its ‘Product Drops’

While it may be true that the actual launch for Twitter continues to be undecided, one thing is for sure. The app is working hard and moving head with some more updates that it feels could be highly beneficial in the long run.

And in case you have not guessed it by now, it’s related to several product releases and different areas of focus. And one of the leading ones worth talking about is e-commerce.

This week, the micro-blogging platform went public with an announcement that was related to another happening expansion of shopping online.

This included the launch of functionality that goes by the name of ‘Product Drops’. As the name suggests, it’s designed to give online sellers a great feasible option that teases any upcoming products from their collection.

The firm says that it already has so many of its users coming to the platform to chat about trending releases of goods and services in the market. This is both pre and posts the launch of a product.

While some are anticipating the release, others continue to brag about how they’ve added it down to their collection. However, the seller is never involved in these types of discussions.

With the launch of the new product drop, we could well be on our way to seeing merchants enter discussions and serve to be an integral part of the chat.

Sellers can be creative and launch an array of unique tweets that presents their product with the help of both pictures as well as text.

Merchants can produce a promotional tweet with the addition of product images so users get a great teaser of what to expect before it even enters the market. Similarly, they can add some more notable details like information required to make decisions including descriptions of products, costs, images, and a number of other details.

Once they click on hashtags, they’ll also be made aware of the hype and what others people are saying in regards to the purchase. And just in case that was not enough, the app will also be providing users with a Remind Me notification. Once this is turned on, it will notify users about when the feature is going live so they can tune in.

When the feature becomes an integral part of the tweet, only then can users of the app interact, similar to the way they interact with a series of other posts too. This includes liking, sharing, retweeting, and more. Similarly, you can even bookmark it for later use.

The firm says tweets like these can be marketed as well using the platform’s ad tools as well.

Whenever it’s the launch day, the app’s users will get notifications through the platform of the live nearly 15 minutes before it drops, and another one that arises during the time for the drop.

When you click on it, you can be directed to the shop on the site feature and hence will now be able to purchase through the seller directly.

To put it simply, Twitter is not fond of playing the role of the middleman. And that’s a smart strategy that even TikTok is now making use of.

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