LinkedIn Announces Major New Additions To Its Platform Including A Creator Mode And Business Manager

Linkedin is undoubtedly the world’s leading professional network where users can socialize, connect, and stay up to date with the trends in the professional world. Most importantly, it’s a great platform where you can hunt and recruit for leading positions.

Now, the platform seems to be on the road to update, and recently, we’re seeing plenty of new major additions arising on the platform.

Firstly, the app is paving the way to a new and improved Creator Mode. LinkedIn says there are some new additions being given so that users can create an enhanced presence across the app.

Other than a LIVE feature, we’re going to get to see a newsletter and some more audio events making their way to the app so users can create a bigger and better following.

LinkedIn says they want to give users more access to an Audio Room via the Creator Mode. As seen in this particular example, the similarity is very obvious between this and Clubhouse. And if you remember Twitter Spaces, well, the similarity can be seen here too.

For now, it’s being rolled out to just a few users but with time, it hopes to pass it on to the masses as well.

Audio additions are always welcomed where people can connect by bridging gaps and sharing ideas with others that have similar interests as them. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a tool that increases your presence on the app.

Secondly, LinkedIn is giving its users the chance to add a URL link to the top of a profile. This way, audiences may learn so much more about them as well as their business. And means more traffic being driven from the app.

With a simple click, any user’s audience will be able to follow them through any other app or platform. And that just makes it so much easier to find content on the app.

Other little changes are the introduction of following buttons across newsfeeds for enhanced connections while there’s going to be a recommendation for users hoping to find someone that’s discussing a topic that they’re interested in.

LinkedIn is also bringing forward a feature that automatically converts users into followers, in case requests are sent by users having the creator mode. And yes, we do feel it’s a little bit forced because there are better ways through which users may grow audiences than this.

Next up, we have LinkedIn incorporating some major updates in the form of product listings on user profiles. This is being done to highlight a particular product that is close to them or ones that they’ve worked really hard on and hence wish to highlight. This will be a part of the user’s experience listings. Remember, to actually have a certain product listed, you should have it laid down on the company’s page.

We saw the app first introduce the product pages a while back in 2020 and since then, it’s safe to say that they’re really helping out users with more updates in this regard as it’s a better extension.

What’s the benefit of this? Well, for starters, it increases the chances of promotion while providing users with detail-oriented insights about various goods and services.

In the same way, users can also expect a new and improved Newsletter interface that comes complete with mentions and hashtags to build better engagement. Therefore, users can tag on LinkedIn too as you do on various other social media networks.

Another interesting update for users with businesses is how the app is introducing a switcher option. This allows for admins on Company Pages to respond as a particular brand for any post on the app.

LinkedIn says it understands how important it is for brands to have their own voice on pages so they’re giving this option for more effective communications where brands can respond directly to any post on the feed.

This is definitely a smart strategy in terms of building a brand’s connection as well as engagement.

Last but not least, LinkedIn is debuting its Business Manager. This is the new name given to a platform that it feels can pull in all sorts of people from large-scale businesses and agencies so they could manage advertising accounts, audiences, pages, and other partnerships they’re working alongside with.

The app has notably mentioned how it understands the great challenges that big organizations face and with time, it’s only getting tougher with each passing day. Hence, as a part of the new reshuffle, they hope to make the tasks a little bit easier.

The new platform is said to better the app’s bustling campaign manager and also provide members with a higher degree of control through different marketing tactics. This includes managing advertising, partners, different accounts, and pages via one centralized area.

This way, they’ll be able to navigate easily and also have more free time that used to be spent on administrative affairs. Similarly, the company hopes this Business Manager can also reach potential buyers at a faster pace by both sharing and making updates for Matched Audiences through different advertising accounts.

This feature would be soon available to all in the upcoming weeks, as announced by the company recently. Moreover, they’ve already conducted trials on some big names like B2B and Xero, amongst others.

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