Meta Has Designed Facebook And Instagram In A Way That Poses Great Risk To Young User’s Health, Claim New Lawsuits

Meta was reportedly slammed with a number of lawsuits that accuse the leading tech giant of posing as a great risk to the health of so many young individuals.

These cases were reportedly filed across nine different states in the US and they all go about accusing the firm of designing its leading apps like Facebook and Instagram in a negative way that has a great impact on a person’s health.

This includes accusing the firm of going as far as providing services that are addictive. In addition to that, Meta has been accused of releasing harmful content to audiences as young as teens and below.

One 19-year-old avid tech user by the name of Alexis Spence says Meta is well aware of its product giving rise to teenage depression and other alarming issues like anxiety and even suicide.

This particular lawsuit was filed in the American District Court for California by a leading team of attorneys that hail from Seattle’s Social Media Law Center.

The complaint went on to add how harmful product features need to stop and the app’s algorithms associated with younger accounts need to be prevented as well. And that included a response of how Meta is keener on prioritizing growth and dealing with competition more than anything else.

But that was just one of many lawsuits that came into the picture. We also saw how so many other lawsuits had been filed by a series of other law firms in various other states like Delaware, Missouri, Texas, and Georgia.

All of these lawsuits have one single theme: Meta loves to prioritize its own gains and profits over the safety of users. And they do this by creating services and a platform in a way that’s so harmful. One common example of content such as this that was highlighted included teen girls suffering from eating disorders.

The new lawsuits are being at the top of the line, overshadowing plenty of others directed at Snap and other social media firms that contribute to the grand success of suicide of so many young individuals.

So many young plaintiffs are coming out in the open and alleging the firm of causing them physical or mental injury, thanks to their addictive features. But we’re not quite sure how far such cases will actually end up getting.

Remember, in the year 2019, a New York-based federal court took Facebook’s side and opposed the claims made by terrorist victims that claim the app’s algorithms were introducing terrorists.

The Circuit Court also ruled how the app received immunity under Section 230. Therefore, one senior professor hailing from Santa Clara University says that it could well be seen that Meta again receives immunity through this act soon.

He went on to explain that even if judges allow the lawsuits to proceed, the firm will have plenty of defenses lined up such as the First Amendment. This regulation provides the firm with immunity relating to material published and how that sort of content is being marketed through the app.

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