TikTok Takes New Steps That Ensures US Data Remains Separate From Its Chinese Parent Company

TikTok has been criticized over the years for serving as a potential surveillance tool by the Chinese Government. And as you can probably expect, people aren’t too happy about the news.

But today, things might be changing after all as the company has recently announced how its merger of US data to Oracle servers in the US has been completed. To put it simply, US data will now remain separate from that present in TikTok’s parent company which happens to be Chinese.

TikTok says that in the past, it used to store information of US users in servers that were located in centers situated in America as well as Singapore.

Their data center in Virginia was said to include foolproof security measures that would prevent data transfer or leakage from other sources or intrusion technologies. They also made sure they had plenty of viable options for their backup too. And that would assist in preventing any unwanted scenarios where a user’s data had the capability of being lost.

Now, things are being taken to a new step after a recent report spoke about the potential of TikTok data belonging to US users being leaked to China.

The new agreement ensures US users’ data will stay only in Oracle's servers.

The company further elaborated on how it has always held strong ties with Oracle in this regard as a way to better protect all users, the app, and its systems. They have also now claimed to reach a major milestone in their work by altering the location of their default storage. Therefore, all data will now be directly routed toward Oracle’s servers.

But what does that mean for TikTok’s other servers located in Singapore?

Well, the company says that it’s still going to be making use of data centers as they did previously as a source of backup. But American data will be deleted from data centers from now onwards as a part of the new agreement with Oracle.

It’s just so interesting that all of these events are coming at a time when a recent report by Buzzfeed News mentioned that TikTok continues to share information with China’s government as a part of a review agreement between ByteDance and Chinese officials.

Buzzfeed’s new report actually goes as far as mentioning that there is evidence in the form of leaked audio that arise from 80 internal meetings in the firm. These prove that Chinese employees belonging to ByteDance continue to receive access to US users’ databases of TikTok, despite it being non-public.

This is exactly in line with news that had forced Donald Trump to threaten the popular app with a ban in the US if such behavior continued.

The report further delineated how Chinese engineers received that data during the period of September last year and January this year. And if true, that greatly contradicts TiktTok’s testimony that the app does not share any information with China.

These new revelations are definitely going to promote US authorities to keep an eye on the app as this would result in jeopardizing the US business.

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