Recent Updates Reveals that Apple Is Also A Part Of BIMI Supporters Now

It is good news for Apple that now it has become a part of BIMI supporters. BIMI serves as a specification that helps different websites to use their logo in emails. BIMI, which stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification, helps users to identify important emails from spam ones. This means that if they were to receive an email from an apple, their logo will be there which will help the users to know that the email is official.

The support of BIMI will begin in September when the new model of iOS will be released. Apple will join Yahoo, Google's Gmail, FastMail and a bunch of other email support companies that will be in support of BIMI soon. Gmail is the biggest one that has used BIMI for its inboxes.

For the recognition of authentic emails, BIMI enables the websites to put their logo in the subject line. But one important thing the BIMI supporters should know is that they must have BMARC protection activated. According to BIMI's founder, BIMI has a few thousand supporters and according to recent studies, 15% of big companies use it.

Apple Users and other people are happy with this news. It is being said that BIMI will get new supporters as they have updated their privacy protection laws. Apple has its mail privacy protection too. So it is safe to say that BIMI will have news users quickly.

According to the BIMI developer, BIMI is quite happy to add Apple as one of its newest users. They said Apple took a really good step as several users read and respond to Apple's email daily. This way Apple will have more engagements. The Apple 16 is going to be a breakthrough for Apple, and a new apple email will be able to grace the inbox of different users with the Apple Logo, all thanks to BIMI.

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