WhatsApp Is Rolling Out The Ability For Users To Hide Their Profile Picture And Last Seen From Certain People

WhatsApp is doing some great things for its users in terms of user experience and privacy as the company recently announced some wonderful news about a feature that many have been waiting for.

The company says users will now be able to hide their profile pictures and their ‘last seen’ statuses from anyone in their contact list. Therefore, you can now choose to be more discreet than ever with the new functionality.

This way, users can be pickier about who they want to share their details. Before this launch was unveiled by the platform, the feature had been made available to a small group of people as it was a part of a trial. But it seems that everything is going according to plan and we should soon be seeing the update roll out for the masses.

Before today, users had a choice between three different privacy selections in terms of who they wanted to share their image and last seen with. It was either visible to all, visible to no one, or visible to only the contacts. But now, we’re getting a fourth option that comes with the title, ‘my contacts except’ and you know what that means.

Only specific people will now gain complete access to you, making the excluding process so much simpler. But remember, as previously, if you wish to hide your last seen from someone, you also won’t be allowed to see their 'last seen' status too.

The company says the new update is being done to enhance users’ privacy, which can be taken advantage of by entering your control settings.

This new option will be available for both iOS and Android users located around the world. Simply hop on over to your privacy settings and make the change if you wish to do so.

WhatsApp has also unveiled a new update for group calls. This way, the app enables users to either press mute or text-specific contacts while they’re busy on a call. In the same way, the company says they’ve included an indicator that alerts users when a certain number of people have joined in on a larger call.

The news for these new features and their launch comes at a time when the app conveyed to the world this past week how it was now going to allow Android users to transfer all of their images, chats, videos, voice messages, etc. to iPhones via the Apple Move app.

Before this was ever made possible, iPhone users only could transfer their chats and images to Android and not vice versa. This is now getting launched in beta so keep an eye out!

The news has really excited so many iPhone users who felt that they would end up losing all of their WhatsApp data if they switched from Android to an iPhone but that’s clearly not the case here.

Now, there’s no additional workaround needed and you can make use of the functionality for a quick switch.

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