TikTok Users Will Soon Be Able To See Which Followers Viewed Their Videos On The App

TikTok has entered into the testing phase for a unique functionality that will enable users on the app to see which of their followers saw their videos. Therefore, people who they follow will receive notifications when their content is viewed too.

The news was recently announced by the app’s spokesperson who says the brand new functionality is only being tested now and for that reason can’t be rolled out to the masses at the moment.

Only a certain few can see it because it is an integral part of a recent test where selected users have been enrolled.

It’s all thanks to the social media researcher Matt Navarra who was able to spot the update and hence put up screengrabs of what users could potentially expect in this matter.

Through these screenshots, we know that TikTok is labeling the future update as ‘post view history’ and users may feel free to turn that certain feature off whenever they feel like it. All they need to do is change the settings from the menu bar and they’ll be good to go.

A few details were also recently unveiled including how the history would be up for grabs for just seven days from the initial time that the video was posted, after which it would be automatically deleted.

A spokesperson from TikTok did end up revealing to tech media outlet TechCrunch how it was on the lookout for ways that would do a better job at adding more value to the community. This would serve a better job at enriching the whole experience of users on TikTok.

We are still not sure whether or not TikTok has any plans to roll out the new functionality widely or not but we do hope so as many would be keen on the exciting edition.

Some tech analysts are calling the update an expansion of the app’s functionality that lets users see who viewed their profiles. But this is only for those above 16 years and have less than 5000 followers.

This comes in the form of a post view feature that can be located on the top right-hand side of the app. And once clicked, you get to see everywhere that saw your account in the past month.

At the start, the settings only allow you to see the views but if you alter them, you’re in turn providing others with the chance to see the views too.

For the new update, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to hear about a launch soon.

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