Tech Platforms Issued Warning About Their Disregard For Women’s Safety Online

A new study by Ofcom is raising the alarm about women being disregarded by tech platforms when it comes down to their online safety.

The new report conducted by the UK’s watchdog for social media security mentioned how bizarre and shocking it was to see women’s safety being ignored on a usual basis.

Today, we saw the company publish a new report on the online habits of users around the country. And when it came down to female user security, they mentioned how least confident they were when compared to their male counterparts.

In the same way, they spoke in detail about how they were being affected greatly by discrimination as well as all sorts of trolling content and hateful messages.

The study entailed 600 internet users from the UK and they were assessed to see what their opinions on the matter were in general to online behavior. And surprisingly, the results also managed to prove how women were more likely to be silenced or forced to have zero opinions on strong matters when compared to males.

And that’s very different from another finding of the study that showed how females were more enthusiastic users of the internet and other sources related to social media.

On a usual basis, women generally do spend more than a few hours initial hours online, after getting out of bed. And that’s almost 30 minutes more than males do.

Therefore, with these findings being confirmed, the leading security regulator says it is on a mission to urge organizations to take action now, more so than later. See, the goal is to make the platform more welcoming as well as safe than usual for both young and older women.

In case you happen to be wondering why the platform is making all these calls and yet failing to take matters into its own hand, well, the answer is simple. They’re yet to be granted formal powers that allow such changes to occur.

For now, we know that the Online Safety Bill is still being assessed and is in Parliament. And once that’s approved, we’ll soon be seeing a new set of changes that protect users from numerous illegal activities. This includes imposing fines on those they believe are guilty of crimes.

Another interesting finding from the same research shed light on how poor or negative online behavior could potentially affect women’s mental health. And that is especially true when we consider both younger women and those of color.

The research body laid great emphasis on how the time was right to give women the chance to speak, express their thoughts, and use various tools that signal alarm in cases where they are being harmed.

It’s quite clear how the new legislation is being welcomed with open arms and how the time has arrived to make a move and not just sit back and relax.

Social media networks need to be aware that sometimes, there’s more to a firm’s success than just a good algorithm or high revenues. Organizations dealing with the public, either directly or indirectly, have double the responsibility of safeguarding all and not putting their security at risk for better returns.
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